Onet’s commitments

In today’s market, a company’s performance depends heavily on its concern for the environment in which it operates.


For many years now, our group has been careful to ensure that its activities have a positive impact on the world.

Increasing our social impact

Environmental and human health are key concerns in all of our business activities.

We believe that our company’s value lies not only in our economic and financial performance, but also in our social impact and business strategies.

Our group already provides essential services that contribute positively to society as a whole.

But we’d like to become known as an impact company.

Our shareholders’ vision

At Onet, we believe that we must act collectively and that companies have a key role to play in building a better and more sustainable future for all.

We’ve always known that there is strength in numbers, and we’ve worked hard over the last 160 years to develop a common strategy.

Because we provide essential services to our clients, Onet is already a social impact company. We make positive contributions to society as a whole, and are directly responsible for the creation of healthier, safer and more reliable work environments.

We’d like to be able to track and measure all of our activities in terms of their social, societal and environmental contributions.

We want to achieve our sustainable development goals while helping our clients improve their company’s performance. But we can’t do it alone. At every stage of the process, we have to balance the needs of our stakeholders with our environmental objectives.

For Onet, this is reflected in the creation of new services based on the principles of the circular economy and a recognition of the role humans play in all of our businesses.

Émilie De Lombarès


Now that companies are starting to question their business rationale, it’s time to take action and to become part of the solution to the great challenges of our time.

For over 150 years, our family-owned group has placed a high priority on sustainable development.

In recent years we’ve continued to implement a responsible development strategy. Our CSR policy, The Future Begins Today, has been in place since 2003. All of our activities have an impact on society. We believe that everyone, at an individual level, must find innovative and responsible solutions for the challenges of today and tomorrow.

We want to encourage our 73,000 employees to embrace a culture of environmental and social responsibility.

This will require a commitment from all members of the Onet team, and we hope that our vision will inspire present and future employees. 

“Together, we can build a better future for generations to come.”

Elisabeth Coquet-Reinier

Rising to the challenge

Social issues

We are committed to protecting our teams and developing their potential to improve our social impact and collective performance.

1- Protecting the health and safety of our employees and customers


2- Promoting diversity and inclusion and combining innovation with performance


3- Developing the employment skills of all our employees by expanding our course offering at Onet University


4- Supporting our employees throughout their career

Environmental issues

We are committed to environmental preservation and protection.

5- Offering goods and services according to the principles of the circular economy and with a respect for biodiversity


6- Favoring low-carbon activities

Societal issues

We are committed to creating healthier, safer and more reliable environments.

7- Providing essential services for the health and well-being of all people


8- Developing sustainable local partnerships


9- Sharing our CSR commitments with our external stakeholders, including clients, suppliers and partners, to increase our positive impact

 A committed company

Environmental commitments



2019 Responsible development report

We actively support the Ten Principles of the UN Global Compact

For over 20 years, we have actively supported the principles of the Global Compact as defined by the United Nations with respect to human rights, international labor standards, the environment and anti-corruption measures.
This long-standing support has allowed Onet to contribute concretely to the 17 Sustainable Development Goals, an international plan of action for peace, humanity, the planet and prosperity.

In accordance with the 17th and final Sustainable Development Goal (SDG), Onet has for many years forged effective partnerships for the implementation of its CSR policy, thus contributing to other sustainable development goals at the global, national and local levels.

These partnerships are built on common values and principles, and put people and the planet first. They can be achieved by signing of charters to share these commitments with the greater public.

Contributing to human development in a healthy and safe local environment

The Onet Foundation was created by the group’s leaders in 2010 to promote company solidarity and unite employees through a common cause. What is the foundation’s role? To show our solidarity in the fight for adequate housing in France through concrete actions and awareness campaigns.


Onet joins forces with French sailor Fabrice Amedeo in his fight to protect the environment

The Onet group has signed a 3-year partnership to support Fabrice Amedeo’s project. Working closely with the international scientific community, the French sailor has been navigating the world’s oceans in an IMOCA yacht to raise awareness for the environment. Onet’s generous funding of the racing boat’s on-board sensor has made this mission possible.