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Ensuring consistency between our values, our vision, our social responsibility commitments and our business practices requires an effort from all members of our team.

With this goal in mind, the group has been developing a comprehensive strategy since 2017, consisting of a code of ethics, an ethics committee and an ethics alert mechanism.

Code of ethics​

All of our employees have access to our code of ethics, which serves as a guide to acceptable daily behavior in the workplace.

The main objective of this code is to maintain a consistent line of conduct among all group employees. These core values are applied in every country where Onet operates.

The document reflects our group’s values and is structured around three main principles:

  • respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms,
  • integrity and fairness of business practices,
  • respect for the environment and the planet.

Spotlight on the Onet ethics committee

The ethics Committee is responsible for research, consulting and education with respect to ethics. Its main mission is to assist the management board in ensuring the promotion and respect of ethical principles within the group.

All employees are encouraged to first speak with their manager if they are concerned about an urgent situation or ethical problem.

When such dialogue with a manager or corporate ombudsman is impossible, a secure and anonymous online platform is made available to report any criminal or inappropriate behavior in relation to the ethical principles and values of the group.

An ethics alert mechanism requires accountability from all parties involved.

This type of system can only function when information is reported in compliance with the legal and ethical framework in place. It should never be used as a means to air personal grievances or harm others.