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Acting everyday to preserve the cleanliness and hygiene of our clients’ work environment and ensure the well-being of their employees and the performance of their

One day at a time

Our company values and expertise reflect three priorities for all of our daily services:

  • The health and well-being of tenants,
  • The cleanliness and organization of workspaces,
  • The maintenance and longevity of facilities.

These priorities are at the center of all of our company processes.

Cleanliness is our obsession! We bring hygiene and comfort to our clients’ workplaces, event venues, leisure areas, production lines and transport vehicles.

Our divisions

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#1 cleaning service provider in France


Consistent in our efforts to guarantee the quality of our services

A unique business structure to meet all of your needs

  • Industry experts,
  • One structure dedicated to our clients with multiple business locations to provide efficient and uniform services, with centralized client relationships and billing, as well as global reporting,
  • A strong network of branches close to client sites to adapt work processes to local requirements. We believe in the motto Think global, act local,
  • Responsive, available and competent onsite management staff.

Motivated and committed employees

  • A local management team that is respectful  and attentive to employees,
  • A skills development program in place since 1982, which now includes e-learning and personalized training,
  • A safe working environment with such measures as PPE, musculoskeletal disorder (MSD) prevention strategies, behavioral safety training, etc.
  • Energy saving awareness campaigns for employees.

Quality long-term services

  • Effective operations management in all areas of the cleaning services sector,
  • Strict quality control procedures to meet the high standards of our clients,
  • A process innovation approach and recognized certifications,
  • Guaranteed operational continuity with reliable processes, including training for replacement staff and a mobile team.

Innovative, sustainable and transparent tools

  • A variety of tools to support our clients and optimize our services at every stage, including: Blue Quality, GreenFlow and Just Time, as well as a client portal in France allowing for greater responsiveness and event-based traceability,
  • Innovative and responsible technical processes: Clean Connect, robotics, cryogenics, ozone surface disinfection, etc.,
  • We keep a close watch on the latest market trends so we can predict changes and develop new products and processes.

Why join our team?

We’re a family-owned company that values close relationships with our clients

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