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Our French subsidiary, Axxis Intérim et Recrutement, provides support to individuals along their career path. This may involve facilitating access to new qualifications and jobs in high-demand sectors.


We contribute to the development of our clients’ businesses by providing necessary human resources in the shortest possible time frame. Our recruitment standards are as high as those for  temporary or permanent contracts.

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A tailored solution for sector-specific issues

Expertise in both HR and client business sectors

  • Specialized employees in your sector with precise management skills related to the following:
    • challenges and HR issues in your organization,
    • strengths and skills of professionals in high-demand roles,
    • the value of individual candidate profiles.
  • An expert team with solid experience in human resources, as well as recognized skills in sourcing, evaluation, test analysis, etc.

ISO 9001 V2015 certification for all of our business locations

  • Full accreditation and high quality standards for all our management processes,

  • An emphasis on client-focused strategies,

  • An approach that reflects the motivation and commitment of our teams as well as a desire to continuously improve our services.

Training programs designed for every budget

  • State-of-the-art educational and financial engineering to optimize every training budget and expense,

  • Instructional design to meet all of your needs, with investments in at-risk occupations and new professions to support company growth.

A long-term commitment to support your regional economy

  • A local base for operations, a priority for Axxis Intérim et Recrutement. Our customers also benefit from a customized talent pool to meet their needs,
  • Developing partnerships at a local level with structures to facilitate employment,
  • A thorough understanding of regional employment challenges, with a view to providing solutions and supporting the local economy.

Vocational training: a solution in response to skills shortages

Vocational training often helps to identify the resources companies need in high-demand areas.


Faced with a skills shortage, Belfor Prévention France hired Axxis to carry out its recruitment mission in Cherbourg. The company, a leader in damage prevention and the sustainable rehabilitation of buildings and infrastructure, was looking to hire temporary passive fire protection workers and asbestos removers for the Flamanville nuclear power plant. Recruitment proved to be a difficult task. There is currently a shortage of skilled professionals in this field, and candidates must be properly trained to work at nuclear sites. Since temporary workers are not eligible for such jobs, employees must be hired on permanent contracts.


To address this issue, Axxis identified candidates with experience in the construction industry who could work within the constraints of the position; for example, they needed to be able to operate in confined spaces and travel between sites.  

We got in touch with a training center. They helped us create a 189-hour training program in SS3 asbestos removal, which would also authorize technicians to work in a nuclear zone.

Nicolas Cauchard, Axxis Intérim et Recrutement Manager, Cherbourg branch


The top six candidates were chosen by the agency and approved by the client. After completing a month and a half of training, they all signed permanent contracts with Belfor Prévention France.

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