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Designing logistics solutions for our clients core business processes and infrastructure through skills and resources management, with an emphasis on streamlining and efficiencies

A responsible leader in onsite logistics

Logistics operations play a fundamental role in today’s growing trade economy. From raw material sourcing to distribution, we handle all key logistics processes to help our clients develop their businesses. Working onsite allows us to adapt our strategies to company processes.


Our clients know how important it is to integrate new technologies into their daily operations, which is why we provide them with customized logistics and handling services.


Our experience and expertise in sectors with the highest quality standards make us a leading player in logistics. We’re currently ranked among the top 15 3PL companies in France.

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Consistent in our efforts to guarantee the quality of our services

Certification and social engineering

  • Technical expertise (in terms of processes, methods, tools, etc.) that meets strict requirements for ISO 9001 and ISO 14 001-EN 9120 (aeronautical sector) certification,
  • Dependability as an Authorized Economic Operator (OAS), approved known shipper, and red badge holder,
  • Responsible employee management in a high-risk sector, with an emphasis on health and safety (prevention of musculoskeletal disorders, safety behavioral safety training, POP processes, etc.),
  • Recognized social engineering expertise.

A committed partnership

  • Improvements to our client value chain via logistics engineering,

  • A dependable partner recognized for its Authorized Economic Operator (OAS), approved known shipper and red badge status,

  • A transport company committed to fulfilling CO2 targets as outlined in the charter for voluntary commitments to reduce freight carbon dioxide emissions.

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We’re a family-owned company that values close relationships with our clients