Offering useful reception services that aim to create intelligent and efficient connections between participants and the event venue.

Providing flexible services adapted to the needs of our clients

Reception and guest orientation – simplifying daily tasks – providing expert support for essential services as well as host and visitor comfort.


Every guest can have an impact on a company’s performance, whether they are shareholders, tenants, customers, prospects, candidates, suppliers or partners. For this reason, Onet has developed a specific approach to its business activities.

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NF Service-certified reception services provider

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Consistent in our efforts to guarantee the quality of our services

Effective and connected professional reception services

  • A wide range of expertise in all areas of reception services,
  • Effective services that contribute to the proper functioning of your site,
  • A range of services designed to improve the work-life balance for your employees,
  • A non-packaged commercial offer system,
  • High-quality training programs in business communication, English, conflict management, etc.,
  • Connected and relevant tools/solutions that create added value,
  • Intelligent and flexible work materials.

Ambassadors of your company image

  • Customizable uniforms,
  • A strong sense of service,
  • A multi-sensory approach to event hosting that will help develop your business.

Satisfaction guaranteed

  • A proven business process,
  • Motivated and committed employees with strong social incentives,
  • A client relationship based on performance, continuous improvement and transparency.

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We’re a family-owned company that values close relationships with our clients