Human and electronic security

With proven expertise in human and electronic security systems, Onet provides comprehensive support in safety and security risk management.

Providing flexible security solutions to meet the high standards of our clients

We’re experts in the human, electronic and integrated security  sector, offering services at every stage of the production chain, including engineering design, operations and management. We strive to meet the strict requirements of our clients in every type of facility (for example, tertiary sector buildings, public-access buildings, Seveso sites, and event venues) and to provide them with flexible security solutions.

Onet offers a wide range of security solutions in five countries, in the area of general security, airport security, fire security, personal security and mobile security.

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Consistent in our efforts to guarantee the quality of our services

Certified technical expertise

  • Expertise in all areas of safety and security, in both human and electronic systems, and a risk-management approach adapted to the activities of our individual clients,
  • The ability to intervene at all levels of the production chain, upstream safety and security engineering, operations and management of various business activities,
  • Offering innovative and value-creating services combining human and technological resources,
  • Professional certifications based on recurring audits (NF Service, Mase, CEFRI, APSAD, Label Origine France Garantie, Qualifelec, Ecovadis, etc.) as well as reliable manufacturing products.

State-of-the-art tools and frameworks

  • Innovative open systems and tools, developed in-house (client portal, self-assessments, e-learning),
  • Transparent processes (dynamic and regular reporting, 24/7 performance monitoring),
  • Contractual indicators adapted to client needs,
  • A dedicated organizational structure for operations management.

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We’re a family-owned company that values close relationships with our clients