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Our business development strategy is in line with the group’s objectives and will ensure steady growth in terms of turnover and profitability, allowing for future investments. At the same time, we strive to foster a responsible business model and to establish ourselves as a social impact company.

« Now more than ever, it’s essential for businesses to look for the future and engage in meaningful projects. Our company’s vision is constantly evolving to adapt to the challenges of today and tomorrow. We are committed to this responsible course of action. Our goal is to remain a leader in the service industry while continuing to develop our social impact approach.. »

Emilie de Lombarès

Chairman of the executive board

A sustainable company 

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Development strategy

In the interest of shareholders, we’ve established a clear course of action for the year ahead. It can be summarized in five key points.


Maintaining our financial independence

Onet’s long-term development strategy is built around a strong desire to remain independent. We believe that our company’s result will create opportunities for future growth. Financial independence gives us the freedom to take new projects while staying true to our values.


Consolidating our positions in France and abroad


In order to consolidate operations, we need to strengthen our market positions, increase volume and continue to develop sector-specific expertise and technical strengths. This may involve expanding into new areas to improve position on the value chain in certain strategic client sectors, while at the same time eetaining our core businesses.


Upholding the true meaning of “service”

We’ve been a service company from the very beginning. Our aim is to provide innovative solutions for clients, drawing from our experience in different sectors and our unique third-party perspective. Every day represents a new opportunity for the Onet team to provide outstanding service for our clients.


Striving for excellence in all of our businesses

We continue to lead the pack in every area of our operations. Client trust and satisfaction are important to us, which is why our team strives to bring value to each project we undertake.


Increasing our social impact

Our group already provides essential services that contribute positively to society as a whole.But we want to establish ourselves as an impact company. In other words, we’d like to be able to track and measure all of our activities in terms of their social, societal and environmental contributions.

A wealth of expertise and diversity

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Today, Onet has become an international engineering firm and service provider.

Our group has business locations in 8 countries, with clients in more than 20 countries worldwide.The Onet group’s international approach is both proactive and rational.

Our acquisitions and partnerships reflect a choice to work with people who share our core values. Onet exports its technical know-how and business values while supporting local expertise and culture. Our development at a global level can take many different forms, including project procurement, external growth, local partnerships and joint ventures. The Onet group’s objective is to develop our operations outside France in a significant and sustainable way. This can be achieved by diversifying our services in all areas of expertise.

To achieve this goal, Onet has created a division with a dedicated team that is responsible for international development and operations management.

A dual approach

Direct actions
  • To consolidate and develop existing subsidiaries in other countries so that we become recognized as a reference for quality in local markets.
  • To develop the group’s activities, through acquisitions and other means, in new countries that have been selected for their growth potential.
Indirect actions
  • The group offers high-level engineering expertise in countries with plans to invest in necessary infrastructure.

Onet's international presence

Onet was established in the port of Marseilles, France, in 1860. We are the number one company in the cleaning services sector, and fourth in terms of security. Additionally, Onet has become a reference for quality in the nuclear sector. We’ve always strived to bring value to our customers by offering both engineering solutions and related services, with a high level of expertise in all of our business areas.

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Onet’s Spanish subsidiary was created in 1995 and the Group acquired Seralia (a company with a turnover of € 65 million) in 2014. Today, Onet Spain ranks among the eight leading companies in the multi-service market, with a turnover of more than € 110 million and a staff of 7,000 employees. Its clients are leaders in the fields of health, distribution, industrial management and events hosting.

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At the end of 2016, the Onet group acquired SM21, a multi-service company based in Rio de Janeiro. Throughout 2017, the group continued its development strategy in Brazil with the subsequent acquisition of Centro Serviços group, a Brazilian company specializing in cleaning and maintenance, and Transviva, a security service provider, both based in São Paulo. Since its inception in 1954, family-owned Centro Serviços has been growing steadily. The company has most of its operations in the state of São Paulo, where it has become a standard of reference in the industrial cleaning sector. It provides services for public transportation companies, hospitals and shopping centers. Synergies are already being created between Centro Serviços and SM21, a company with services ranging from facility maintenance to fire prevention. 

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Onet Luxembourg was created in 1977 following the acquisition of Cleantec. Onet Luxembourg is one of three leading operators in the country, with a turnover of € 14 million, prestigious institutional clients and mandates in the tertiary and industrial sectors. Already specialized in the field of hygiene and cleaning, Onet Luxembourg added security provision to its range of services in 2019. For more information please visit

Onet Switzerlandhas the distinction of being the group’s first established subsidiary. Over more than half a century, it has grown to become a trusted institution in the country, particularly in French-speaking regions. The company has secured contracts with prestigious clients in the tertiary and For more information, please visit

In October 2015 the Onet group acquired  EPM, a prestigious North American firm specializing in fire safety engineering for the nuclear sector. The company is active internationally, with contracts in South Korea and the Middle East. For more information, please visit

Onet has been active in Morocco since 2010, with subsidiaries responsible for the distribution and installation of electronic security systems. We also provide consulting support in this area.

Onet : A European network facilitator

Euroliance was founded in 1999 by the OCS group (UK), the Onet group (France) and the Gegenbauer group (Germany), three major companies providing a wide range of services in 20 countries throughout Europe. Euroliance Limited boasts a total annual turnover of € 3 billion and employs over 180,000 people. With over 300 branches in Europe, Euroliance is a first-rate business network.


Onet’s approach to investment in innovation has always reflected the group’s strong commitment to current social and environmental issues. In this way, we are constantly evolving as a company. 

Over the last five years, the digitalization of our processes has greatly accelerated this evolution and has become a priority for the group. Innovation also means proposing new approaches and services adapted to the changing needs of clients. 

The Onet group is actively involved in business networks dedicated to innovation, including the Paca Innovation Club, the Safe Cluster and Capenergies.

Our main areas of innovation