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An exhibition supported in Brazil to act against poor housing

The exhibition “Onde Mora a Esperança” organised by the NGO Habitat for Humanity and sponsored by Onet Centro Brazil in São Paulo aims to show that access to housing is a factor of dignity.


In Brazil, Onet Centro is supporting, as official sponsor, the exhibition Onde Mora a Esperança: where Hope lives.


After more than two years of preparation, the photo exhibition was presented from October 20 to November 28, 2021 in the heart of one of the largest cultural districts of São Paulo, at Casa das Rosas, by Habitat for Humanity.


This NGO, which fights against inequality and poor housing in more than 70 countries, has extracted more than 80 photographs from its collection, which has been built up since its creation in 1976.


A journey through the homes of several families around the world, portraying their cultures, affections and memories to invite reflection on the right to housing.

The aim of this exhibition?

To take the visitor by the hand, to take him around the world to discover families in their homes, and thus to make him reflect on our differences, our similarities, and to invite him to act for the construction of a fairer world.


For Julia Ruic de Carvalho, who is in charge of the project, it was an obvious choice: “Lack of access to housing is a major problem in Brazil. Yet it is a fundamental factor of human dignity. By carrying out this project, we wanted to contribute to the fight against this scourge.”


This action is in line with those carried out by the Onet Foundation, whose main objective is to support action in favour of solidarity and the fight against poor housing in order to contribute to human development in a healthy and safe local environment.



For more information on the exhibition: https://habitatbrasil.org.br/exposicao-fotografica-onde-mora-a-esperanca/