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An innovative multi-expertise offer for the events sector

After an extremely difficult year in 2020 due to the pandemic and a very gentle recovery in 2021, the events sector is preparing to return to the forefront of the economic scene from 2022.


Onet has taken advantage of this forced interlude to structure itself and offer its expertise to its clients, with the Rugby World Cup 2023 and the Olympic Games 2024 as the high points.


Adapted to the current health context, it places the participant’s experience at the heart of its concerns.

The resumption of events does not mean returning to the way things were before the health crisis, but rather evolving in a new context.


The challenge is to apply the health regulations in force with great respect while ensuring a positive experience for participants.


Through the way we deliver our services in terms of reception, security and cleanliness, we contribute to amplifying this perception.


Taking into consideration the participants’ experience

Onet’s teams offer a system adapted to sanitary measures with disinfection services calibrated to the size and configuration of the event.

imilarly, our reception and security professions transpose their practices to the sanitary context with the provision of hydro-alcoholic gel, masks, control of the sanitary pass or even the reduction of contact points when the venue allows it.


But the approach goes beyond the health aspect. The desire of event industry players to make the participant’s experience at their events as positive as possible has become a performance factor for our businesses.


Thus, Onet’s business approach is also focused on the use and well-being of participants. It reinforces the actions of the event organiser to provide even greater benefit to the participant.


With Onet, customised, multi-expertise solutions (in reception, security and cleaning in particular) are not just a matter of adding up services, but of multiplying the benefits perceived by the spectator or visitor.

Prestation d'accueil

Experienced organisation and innovative solutions

Our teams can work on all types of events, from logistical management (before, during and after the event). For more than 20 years, we have been offering services dedicated to events. With a presence at more than 60 events per year, whether sporting or cultural events, trade fairs, inaugurations or even congresses, fairs and exhibitions, we adapt our services to the specificities of the events sector and of each event.

Thus, each security guard undergoes specific training in the risks inherent in each type of event. The expertise of our staff is also reinforced by innovative solutions.


For example, the Exosphere mobile surveillance unit makes it possible to reinforce security at a sensitive event, day or night, thanks to the rapid deployment of observation, detection and signal processing resources.


A patented, turnkey, high-security solution that can be deployed within 24 hours, it can be used to monitor large-scale events attended by a large number of people (cultural events, large gatherings, sporting events, etc.).

Solution Cleanconnect

The Clean Connect solution brings added value to sites that host recurring events.


It allows the cleaning service to be triggered according to the number of visitors. Visitors’ comfort is thus enhanced because incidents are reported and managed instantly. The visitor is thus at the heart of the cleaning process, involved by his or her very presence in services that are therefore akin to permanent customisation.

Resumption of events: Onet is there!


During the containment period, Onet’s teams were present at the vaccine stadiums, but it was not until sanitary measures were relaxed and gatherings were authorised that the events sector began to recover. The services provided for the Olympique de Marseille and Olympique Lyonnais football clubs picked up again with the return of spectators to the stadiums.

During the month of April 2021, we also put in place an unprecedented system to ensure the success of the Rolex Monte-Carlo Masters, which took place in the absence of the public.


During this prestigious tennis tournament, the most sensitive infectious area was in the professional locker rooms. To guarantee a reliable level of health protection, our teams implemented an adapted protocol to ensure the health safety of the athletes and the smooth running of the tournament.

Also, from 3 to 11 September 2021, France hosted the World Conservation Congress of the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) for the first time in Marseille. At this international biodiversity event, we used our Biogistic biotechnological and eco-labelled cleaning solution.


It includes a controlled dilution technique for concentrated products and allows the reuse of empty bottles. Deployed at 84% of our customers in the tertiary sector, Biogistic saves 20 tonnes of plastic per year. It is an asset for the development of our cleaning services for events, as CSR is one of the main concerns of the events sector.

As a cleaning service provider, we have also accompanied two major French international fairs: the Marseille fair from 24 September to 4 October and the Le Mans fair from 9 to 13 September.


These are all clients in the events sector who appreciate the value and innovative solutions provided by Onet.

The Events Department is now targeting future major sporting events such as the Rugby World Cup 2023 and the Olympic Games 2024 to raise the flag for Onet’s cleaning, reception and security services.