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Providing a corporate vision on disability

On February 21, the Secretary of State for the Disabled, Sophie Cluzel, met with readers of the newspaper La Provence, who are directly or indirectly confronted with disabilities in the workplace.


Laurence Lelouvier, Onet’s Human Resources Director, took part in this event. This was an opportunity for the Group, which is strongly committed to this issue, to speak about the value of diversity and inclusion actions carried out in companies.

Recruiting and maintaining employment for people with disabilities: the key role of companies

Sophie Cluzel, France’s Secretary of State for the Disabled, listened attentively to the six readers of La Provence who came to discuss with her on February 21.

Our Director of Human Resources and CSR, Laurence Lelouvier, was able to take part in this meeting, which was rich in exchanges where each participant was able to express his or her vision and ask questions on the subject of disability in the company. Among the various points raised, and beyond the issues related to hiring, she was questioned in particular about maintaining the employment of people with disabilities.

Our Group is convinced that we must continue to promote the recruitment of people with disabilities. It is essential to preserve these jobs in order to anchor inclusion within companies in a sustainable manner and to ensure that diversity is maintained over time.


Laurence Lelouvier stated: “What would be interesting would be to move away from a single focus on rates and focus on the actions deployed in favor of diversity policies. We could thus maintain this notion of rate, which allows us to validate a certain commitment in terms of recruitment and job retention. But we could also include a criterion for measuring the concrete actions implemented within companies, because this rate alone does not necessarily reflect the policy undertaken by the company.

[According to Sophie Cluzel’s speech at the meeting, private companies achieve an average rate of 3.8%].

Our Group, which develops a culture of employment and professional development among its employees on a daily basis, will employ 7% of people with disabilities in 2019.

We are very committed to inclusion, and we wanted to go beyond the legal requirements by creating a network of inclusion advisors, not just disability advisors. Their role will therefore be to support teams in the recognition, skills development, employability and job retention processes, but also to promote diversity in all its forms. “Laurence Lelouvier explains.

To find out more about this meeting between La Provence and its readers on the subject of disability in the workplace (article in French)

Laurence Lelouvier, Directrice des ressources humaines du Groupe
Laurence Lelouvier, Human Resources and CSR Director, Onet Group

Our approach to disability

The notion of disability is difficult to grasp and often misunderstood in companies. Indeed, the term covers a variety of situations whose consequences on employment can vary. 80% of disabilities are invisible. A disability that is not necessarily visible can nevertheless have consequences on the daily life of the employees concerned.


The aim of this awareness-raising is not only to highlight the importance of recognizing all forms of disability within our Group by breaking down certain preconceived ideas, but also to let the people concerned know that they can be supported in taking charge of/recognizing their disability within the Group.


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Inclusion at the heart of our disability policy


Our disability policy has been in place since 2016 and aims to improve the inclusion of people with disabilities. But the Group wants to go further: “We must now engage in a policy of inclusion,” says Laurence Lelouvier.

The challenge of this policy is to go beyond the notion of integration to fully deploy inclusion.

Since 2019, our policies have been coordinated in order to accelerate our commitment to the public of diversity (men, women, young people, seniors, jobseekers, from priority city districts, people with disabilities, etc.).

Committed during the EDEW 2020, signatory of the Diversity Charter, or supporting the association “Job À Cœur”… Discover the actions in favor of inclusion

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