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Filmed on our clients’ emblematic sites, the film embodies the extent of our expertise and our value contribution to our clients.

Cleaning, Security, Reception, Logistics, Airport Services, Engineering and Nuclear Services: 68,000 Onet employees work every day to help create ever healthier, safer and more reliable environments.

Mastered expertise to contribute to your performance

Our day-to-day operations are a source of performance for our customers.

Based on this conviction, we have chosen to operate in-house to guarantee perfect mastery of all our activities and constant investment in the skills of our employees.


The experience we have acquired with our various clients and our combined “services and engineering” approach enable us to provide an expert third-party viewpoint to deploy ever more efficient solutions.


Thus, every day we implement high-performance technical processes such as cryogenics, non-destructive testing, decontamination by laser process; expertise combining Man and technology such as cleanliness in use with Clean Connect ™ or the Exosphere ® mobile monitoring unit…


The common thread running through all our interventions is a sense of service. It creates value and drives our employees.