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EDEW 2020 : Inclusion at Our Strategy’s Core 

The 24th edition of the European Disability Employment Week (EDEW) was launched on Thursday, November 16, 2020. It is being held in a hitherto-unseen medical and economic environment requiring greater care both as far as accessibility and keeping disabled persons employed.

Aware of this issue’s importance, we decided many years ago fully to implement the appropriate measures in our HR strategy.  And for this annual event, we would like to showcase the entirety of our inclusive undertakings.

EWED 2020 at Onet

The European Disability Employment Week is a time for an annual show of force. This event is an occasion to review the fundamentals of disability. Specifically, by way of moments that are fun and pleasant (games, training events, tools) to be presented throughout the week to all our co-workers.

“Understanding is the key to solving disabled workers’ problems,” says Onet SA Board Chair Émilie de Lombarès.

Our Values Serving Our Strategy


With 7% of the workforce in 2019 being people with disabilities (much higher than the national average for French companies), we demonstrate our alignment with diversity values. “More than ever in these difficult times, we must emphasize our diversity and leverage our commitments involving all co-workers. Stronger than ever, together we are going to be winners as a result of this collective accomplishment,” indicates Group HR Director Laurence Lelouvier.


We undertake to develop a culture that is conducive both to employing and professionally developing disabled persons, especially thanks to our disability policy. Created in 2016, this policy is being revised but the fundamentals remain the same: maintaining employment, recruitment, and career advancement. In the coming months, the activities having to do with disability will take on a more concrete dimension with a network of local disability representatives to support our teams in receiving recognition, developing competencies, employability, and staying employed.