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European Mobility Week: Must-Visit CSR Event for Onet

Held between September 16 and 22, the European Mobility Week has the objective of inspiring residents, corporations, and communities in many European countries to choose more environmentally friendly means of travel. Long committed to serious CSR action, we are stepping up our efforts with our co-workers for this annual event.

European Mobility Week: Do Something Good for the Planet!

“Zero-emission mobility for all” is Theme 2020 of the 2020 European Mobility Week. Its mission is to encourage residents, local authorities, and corporations to take steps to achieve the long-term objective of a carbon-neutral continent.

Its objective is also to encourage as many people as possible to make environmentally sustainable decisions by choosing more environmentally friendly alternatives to a private vehicle: public transportation, carpooling, car sharing, cycling, etc., or else by choosing sustainable eco-mobility.

Giving Priority to Sustainable Eco-Mobility: Fundamental for Onet

A working group on SUSTAINABLE MOBILITY in place since 2019.

A working group on sustainable mobility was created in late 2019 to meet the mobility challenges of tomorrow. Jointly chaired by Onet’s departments for sustainable development and general services, this group started a first phase which helped develop our car policy:

  • Significantly to increase the number of clean vehicles in the reference catalog, as far as both personal and utility vehicles are concerned, i. e. 12 personal and utility vehicles in 2019 (versus 7 in 2018).
  • To think in terms of TCO (total cost of ownership) rather than in lease costs. This helps select vehicles really suitable for use from the catalog and also take advantage of electric and hybrid vehicles from the standpoint of consumable costs and taxation.


Eco-Mobility at Onet: Encouraging First Results

  • The proportion of vehicles with an emission rate below 120 g of CO2 per km (Categories A and B) has increased to 71 % of our internal combustion fleet.
  • The pool includes 173 hybrid and electric vehicles.
  • All new internal combustion vehicles come standard with the Start and Stop system.


Awareness Webinars with EKODEV

To carry this process forward, our employees are invited to two webinars, on September 16 and 17. These, produced by Onet’s CSR teams with the assistance of the Ekodev consultancy and Holson, are in an hour-long format and help once again raise our employees’ awareness and adopt a sustainable eco-mobility approach.

TO FIND OUT MORE: Brief Background on Mobility at Onet

We have long been reviewing and improving mobility.

Shuttle, bus, carpool: we have been able to implement different initiatives thanks to Mobility Plans.

Just as an example, we have been deploying Atmospheric Protection Plans since the Law on Air and the Rational Use of Energy (LAURE) was adopted in 1996 to monitor air quality.

During this time, we have held over 8,000 energy-efficient driving courses for our employees. Another significant example of our engagement: we have made sure that all our fleet vehicles are equipped with Start and Stop and that 90% of such vehicles meet the requirements for Crit’Air 1 and 2 certification.

And finally, the mobility reference statute, published on December 24, 2019, includes major national commitments and should enable us to carry this momentum forward so that the energy transition helps mobility thanks to our “Sustainable Mobility” working group supported by our management board.

And what if you prefer walking or cycling?

The human body is designed for motion but many cannot seem to find the time to remain active during the day. Everyday events mostly find us in a sitting position: in transit, at the office, or in front of a screen. Have you considered getting to work on a bicycle or on foot?

These two active modes of transportation do not generate harmful emissions and make your heart and body healthier. In addition, cities that give preference to walking and cycling over private vehicle traffic also turn out to be more attractive, have less congestion and a better quality of life.

You know what you have to do!