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Framatome Romans Site: Mass Mobilization of Onet Operators During Healthcare Crisis

Our highly skilled service operators from Onet Romans-sur-Isère were able to adapt to the needs of our long-time customer Framatome in this difficult healthcare environment.

Framatome, a Long-Time Customer of Romans-sur-Isère Office

Framatome is designer of nuclear power plants, equipment and fuel supplier as well as service provider for higher security and performance and Onet’s long-time customer. It is a relationship that has existed for many years, especially with the office in Romans-sur-Isère.

Single Site, Three Areas of Fuel and Component Manufacture 

At its Romans-sur-Isère site, Framatome manufactures enriched uranium fuel assemblies for power generation reactors as well as fuel rods for research reactors. 
For many years, this site has been managed by Onet’s Romans office with a vision to specialize in cleaning and disinfection services at hydroelectric, thermal, and nuclear power generation sites.

Pre-Healthcare Crisis Services by Onet’s Highly-Skilled Operators

Normally, the site is handled by 30 Onet Propreté et Services operators: 15 operators in the ancillary spaces outside of the restricted area and 15 operators in the restricted area working 2 8-hour shifts 7 days a week.
The nuclear industry is very particular and requires complete mastery of professional skills, especially those needed for disinfection that is both efficient and mindful of contaminants.

Crews Adapting During Healthcare Crisis

Service Evolution: a New Team Dedicated to Disinfection

To keep up the service and industrial activities at the site while meeting the COVID-19 pandemic head on, the client needed the crews to re-adjust and to re-think the usual cleaning and decontamination operations. 


Thus, a dedicated team of 10 operators was established to take charge of decontaminating all site entry contact points starting at 5:00 am and then to deploy to the rest of the site during the day. Although the operators were trained and used to the tasks of disinfecting the facility, they had to provide a new service protecting against an infectious agent rather than against a contaminant. They managed to customize and adapt their professional skills better to perform this bigger task of protecting everyone.

Agile Work Management: from Daily Meeting to Organizing On-Call Team

These times also required both a broader service offering and a custom organization capable of deploying such services. Thus, services were re-evaluated and adapted along the way. 

Every morning, we take stock to anticipate and to adapt based on changing needs, availability of supplies, etc. This is also an opportunity to reassure each other and to hold firm in the face of this unprecedented situation“, explains Romans-sur-Isère Onet Propreté et Services Office Director Davy Colella. 
An on-call team has also been created to guarantee a quick and efficient response if one of the on-site employees is found to be infected.

The office was also able to meet the customer’s needs and provide it with disinfectants with the assistance of Prodim, a distributior of professional cleaning products and equipment and an Onet Group partner that has proven to be truly reliable and efficient: “This way, we were able to order all the consumables required to put our customer’s site back on track… especially, hydroalcoholic gels, etc.,” says Davy Colella.

Mutual Assistance and Strong Onet Support

I felt great support from the Onet Group which was very well organized for this very special situation. The regional organization also provided great support thanks to regular reporting. We were also able to share good practices among branch office directors,” adds Davy Colella.

As an example, a mailbox was created for the region’s branch office directors enabling them to exchange information and to overcome certain stock-related issues. “Onet management support is a perfect example of the importance of the cleaning crews and the awareness that they are an essential link in the production chain,” concludes Davy Colella.

And what about today?

Currently, the on-call team, wearing masks, and other protection related to area disinfection is still deployed. A smaller team continues to disinfect contact locations. The personnel that was working remotely is coming back to the site little by little, and the offices are being cleaned daily.