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Growing Talent with Onet University

Investing in competencies is a heavy commitment and a major social engagement on Onet’s part. Helping our co-workers develop, grow, flourish, and improve their performance fosters motivation and loyalty on the part of our employees.

A corporate university? Much more than training!

The principle of a university is first and foremost to provide learning tools with a view to making a learner’s life simpler and to make the transfer of knowledge go more smoothly. The same is true for Onet University. It has a real strategic dimension because it delivers a strong corporate vision.

Our university’s raison d’être is primarily to help all our employees, from operator to manager in all businesses, develop their skills . The objective is to make our managers grow and develop their leadership skills, to make training digital, to contribute to the employer’s brand, and to offer a window on the company’s external environment.

Making co-workers grow is the best mission one can undertake with respect to one’s co-workers,” says Head of Onet University Martine Baronian summarizing it perfectly.

Key Figures for 2019

  • 9,860 hours of classroom instruction and distance learning delivered
  • 6,881 hours delivered by guest lecturers
  • 2,254 hours delivered by in-house trainers
  • 1,019 employees trained
  • 606 managers trained
  • 50 digital e-learning modules
  • 13 training courses in Onet Learn (a mobile app designed for our operators)2 certification tracks

Highlight on Two Tracks Offered

Building on in-house talent and identifying potential is fundamental to our company strategy. We bank heavily on promotion from within the ranks. Thus, the training cycles in place enable our co-workers to evolve towards supervisory positions. They can follow two tracks:

  • “Managing a Center of Responsibility” developed together with IFG, the University of Corsica, and INSEEC (baccalauréat + 4/5 – RNCP Level 7 certificate).
  • “Line Manager” developed together with CESI in Aix-en-Provence (baccalauréat +2 – RNCP Level 5 certificate).

On January 16, 2020, Onet University had the pleasure of presenting diplomas to the Class of 2019, i. e. 26 co-workers representing all the Group’s businesses.

This diploma presentation is truly an accomplishment. We really appreciate what this training has brought in terms of cohesion, good will, optimism about the future, and it really gives us confidence,” states Onet’s Director for Sustainable Development Laurence Acerbo.

Healthcare information: this video was filmed on January 16, 2020.

For 2020, our “regional network” track designed to help master the fundamentals of management is being certified.

Always Greater Commitment for Our Co-Workers and Customers

Onet University is part of the Group’s social and societal activism. In fact, it has been important for Onet to act responsibly with respect to it employees and customers since 2002.

For example, all the tools employed can be found by reading the 2019 Sustainable Development Report.

Sustainable development is also the focus of our strategy, including that for training.

SuLitest, recognized as the sustainable development TOEFL by le Monde and supported by the United Nations, is the first international test that helps assess an individual’s knowledge of sustainable development objectives and corporate social responsibility.

Onet was a pioneer in developing this test.

It is an integral part of the Managing a Center of Responsibility track.

Find out more about SuLitest