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Hand Washing: Simple Procedure to Protect from Infections

In an environment characterized by the spread of COVID-19, it is more vital than ever to use hygiene to help control the risks of transmitting the virus.


Every day, Onet operators use hand cleaning and disinfection protocols while on the job. We felt that it is important to share these procedures given that they are so essential for everyone’s health.

Simple Motions

It is very important to wash one’s hands regularly with water and some soap in the course of all one’s professional and personal activities throughout the day. These simple motions help eliminate the germs that could be passed from person to person through the hands or though touch surfaces (door handles, phones, etc.). Thus, it is recommended:

  • To wash your hands every hour.
  • Always, after going out.
  • Before cooking.
  • After blowing your nose, coughing, or sneezing.
  • After going to the bathroom.

If washing your hands is not possible, use a hydroalcoholic solution.

How do you wash your hands?
Discover the Onet method.

To wash your hands well, you need to wash them meticulously.

It must be done in the following way to get rid of as many germs as possible.

Pour un lavage avec de l’eau et du savon :

Pour un lavage avec une solution hydro alcoolique :