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Onet Congratulates Vendée Globe Winners

After the withdrawal of our mariner Fabrice Amedeo on December 11 in South Africa, Onet Group employees have continued to follow the historic Vendée Globe 2020, and congratulates the winners as well as all the participants and technical teams.

As Fabrice Amedeo’s team was arriving in Cape Town after a 28-day voyage from Great Britain, Yannick Bestaven crossed the finish line this Wednesday, January 27, after a race of 80 days and 3 hours.


However, he is not the winner of this hectic race, having placed 2nd in the rankings followed by Louis Burton in 3rd place, who completed the circumnavigation in 80 days and 10 hours.


Onet and all its employees congratulate yachtsman Charlie Dalin for taking the top spot on the podium following 80 days and 6 hours of sailing. Congratulations as well to all the participants and their technical teams, who work together.

Why are the rankings different
from the competitors’ order of arrival ?

Because of the time credits granted by the international jury to Jean Le Cam (16 h 15), Yannick Bestaven (10 h 15), and Boris Herrmann (6 hours) for saving Kevin Escoffier on November 30.

For our skipper Fabrice Amedeo, time is a thing of the past and a thing of the future.

The research project that the Onet Group is supporting is becoming more tangible with the delivery of the boxes of microplastic filters and seawater samples to the research partners. The oceanographic sensors installed in board the IMOCA have been working non-stop to capture microplastics and measure CO2, salinity, and temperature. Now, it is time for the analyses. The results will not be published until 2022.


As for the sporting competition, Fabrice Amedeo has already stated that he will have his rematch at the next Vendée Globe in 2024.


Watch our mariner's recap video and his account of his second Vendée Globe.