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Onet Sécurité: 4th In the French Human Security Market

For the second year in a row, Onet Sécurité takes 4thplace among human security companies in France. This is the result of our teams’ daily engagement and commitment, as well as of our customers’ trust.



Top 10 Companies in the French Human Security Market

Position in 2019

Position in 2018

Company Name

CA 2019 in M€



Seris Security

450 M€



Securitas France

410 M€



Fiducial Private Security

188,48 M€



Onet Sécurité

171,7 M€



Prosegur France

169,35 M€



Atalian Sûreté/Lancry

150,30  M€



Mondial Protection

134,26 M€



Samsic Sécurité

125, 18 M€



Protectim Security Services

112,20 M€




110,20 M€

The 5 industry leaders account for 32% of the market versus 31% in 2018. This remains a fairly low level.


Securitas France yields first place to Seris Security. No change in the rankings for those in 3rd to 7th place. Samsic Sécurité and Protectim jump 2 places to become 8th and 9th in the rankings.


Despite market growth and customer demand for better quality, the price wars are back in force and could even expand.

The French Market in a Few Numbers

  • The sector improves its performance in 2019
  • Increase in sales in 2019: €4,329.4 billion (+3.7% vs 2018)
  • Increase in workforce: 127,500 (+300 employees vs 2018)


Significant Increase in Demand in Some Customer Segments

Human security companies specifically enjoyed a significant growth in demand in many customer segments, such as transportation, major accident hazard sites, retail chains, sports and cultural locations, etc.

Requests from some of these, however, came because of an increase in urban violence during the Yellow Vests protests.


Crucial Game Changers Shuffle the Cards

Fundamental acquisitions took place in 2019, such as, internationally, the acquisition of the No. 1 Polish security company by Seris. Seris has thus risen to become one of the European market leaders.

On a completely different note, Delta Drone (a drone maker) acquired ATM group (a human security company), thereby demonstrating a strategy of complementing human effort with technology.

Despite these major moves, the sector remains fragmented with a chronic excess of companies and companies being created, all fueled by a ferocious appetite for growth.


Failing Companies: Numbers Falling

The percentage of companies that are failing has fallen but still remains the highest in the safety/security industry.

  • Bankrupt human security companies in 2018: 11%
  • Bankrupt human security companies in 2019: 9%
  • Bankrupt human security companies in the safety/security industry in 2019: 7%

NB: the majority of the bankrupt companies are small (Astriam Sécurité, Isopro, Sud Gardiennage, Elytis Sécurité, AMG Sécurité, Top Gardiennage Privé)


2020 Outlook

2020 too was full of crucial transactions, such as Fiducial acquiring Prosegur France. Ambitions that will certainly not end there…


In addition, Luxant bought Octopus Sécurité, thus joining the very exclusive club of the 10 largest players in the sector.


Following 6 years of growth, the industry sunk back into the red in 2020 because of the effects of the medical crisis (projected 2020 sales: -11%, or €3,852.1 billion)


A hitherto unprecedented drop for the human security industry. This contraction of activity is the result of many companies and transportation networks closing during the lockdown, as well as the severe slowing down of the economy after that period.


Nonetheless, security operatives have seen new tasks emerging as they were put in charge of monitoring that the rules for wearing masks were being followed or managing waiting lines. But this would not have been enough to compensate for shrinking demand. In 2021, hope is possible as the economy gradually goes back to normal.


Focus on Safety/Security Activities at Onet France

Onet Sécurité: Some Key Numbers

  • 2019 Sales: €239,000,000
  • 2019 Head Count: 5,385, including 91% with permanent contracts
  • 50 years of experience
  • 45+ locations in France


Relevant and Customized Service Offering

Integrating human and electronic security services and solutions, Onet Sécurité supports its customers by helping them manage their risks globally. Whether it is design/engineering, control of operations, or leadership and progress plans, our multidisciplinary teams bring them customized solutions that meet the most stringent safety and security requirements.


Our personalized solutions, adaptable and designed to create value, enable them to focus on their core businesses.


*Source : En Toute Sécurité, Atlas 2020 (données 2019)