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Onet Sensitizes Employees in Road Safety on Release from Lockdown

Since May 11, drivers of all kinds of vehicles, including cars, bicycles, kick and regular scooters as well as motorcycles, have been coming back to the road. They have also been re-learning to share and re-acquiring habits.


Heavily invested in preventing road hazards, Onet does its best to make its employees aware of road hazards, especially in this situation of lockdown followed by release from lockdown. During Road Safety Week, the Group advised them what safety measures to take both with respect to road safety and health.

​One and the Same Struggle: Being Responsible to Protect Others

Reiterating the Context of the New Road Safety Public Relations Campaign: a Need to Come Back for a Sober Look…

In a new campaign, Road Safety invites the nation to extend to the road the caution and the solidarity they have been demonstrating these past two months. The campaign lets champions and experts take the floor to list the golden rules for going back on the road in complete safety : President of the Fédération internationale automobile (FIA) Jean Todt, former winner of the 24h Motors Philippe Monneret, and 2017 National French Cycling Champion Arnaud Démare.

Onet Handbook or Getting Back to Your Workplace in Complete Security

During the lockdown, Onet responded very quickly by putting together a COVID-19 handbook for its entire workforce. This aid provides rules and best practices to be followed for a progressive and gradual return based on government announcements.

It explains the various precautionary measures, including health and safety rules to follow en route, whatever the mode of transportation used. The objective is to reassure the workforce and to demonstrate that the barrier gestures are not incompatible with travel if certain conditions are met.

From car-sharing to public transportation to the use of bicycles, everything must be thought through to preempt and control the risk of infection to be able to move about in complete tranquility.

Onet and Road Safety: Unwavering Commitment

Onet has been a road safety partner since 2016

Created in 1982, the Delegation for Road Safety responds to the behaviors of those using the road to make them more responsible and contributes to making the road infrastructure, vehicles, and user safety equipment safer.  At the end of 2016, Onet singed the national appeal for road safety at work taking on 7 strong commitments for the safety of its employees’ work-related travel.

Every year, Onet takes part in the corporate road prevention program.

Thanks to its strong commitment, the Executive Director for Development and the Representative for the prevention of road hazards and ecomobility have been members of the Government Commission on Road Safety since 2016.

Prevention of Road Hazards: Onet’s Flagship Initiatives

Since 2009, 6,880 employees have been trained in road hazard prevention. Historically, this training has always been conducted on simulators. In 2019, same as in 2018, half-day training sessions in actual road situations were used to sensitize with respect to road safety factors as well as eco-driving thanks to a partnership with Renault, the ECF, and the Code Rousseau. The e-Learning module “Handbook on Prevention and Safety” includes best practices related to business travel as well as the commute to work.