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Onet Technologies has signed the Engineering Charter for the Climate.

As an operational player in the French energy mix and wishing to become part of a low-carbon society, Onet Technologies has signed the Engineering Charter for the Climate.

This charter, initiated by Syntec-Ingénierie, the professional engineering federation, in response to the call from the younger generation, proposes that signatories commit to concrete and ambitious actions in favor of the climate at all levels: clients, companies and employees.

The three main commitments linked to this charter are as follows

  • To act concretely in favor of the climate through the projects entrusted to us,
  • To reduce the carbon footprint of our own activities in a sustainable way,
  • Support our employees’ commitment to the climate.

The engineering charter for the climate

Through these commitments, very concrete proposals are proposed to signatory companies: reduction of air travel, ban on single-use plastics, awareness of eco-responsible driving….

The charter has 51 signatory engineering companies (VSEs and large groups) representing nearly 47,000 employees throughout France.

Onet Technologies and the Onet Group are committed to this approach and wish to continue the efforts already made in this area through the Group’s Responsible Development policy.

More information on the charter signed by Onet Technologies: https://www.syntec-ingenierie.fr/charte-climat/