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Our Mariner Announcing the Winners of Onet X Fabrice Amedeo Contest

As part of its partnership with Fabrice Amedeo, Onet held a competition during the Vendée Globe 2020. Following his withdrawal, our mariner announces the winners in a video shot in Trinité-sur-Mer.

Signing up for the Onet x Fabrice Amedeo Competition, 300 Onet employees made their predictions.

The object of the contest was to name the date when Fabrice would cross the finish line, with prizes going to the 20 participants coming closest to the actual date. Unfortunately, our skipper’s circumnavigation did not go as planned. In fact, following a turbulent start of the race that forced him to go back to Sables d’Olonne to repair a crack at the top of his mast, he had to withdraw after 33 days of racing.

  • We congratulate Noémie Pavoni from Onet Propreté et Services for winning the vest worn by Fabrice Amedeo for the Vendée Globe 2020, as well as a windbreaker and a copy of a brochure entitled “Cétacé, l’Océan boit la tasse”*
  • We congratulate Brice Jourdain from Onet Technologies, who leaves with a book written and signed by Fabrice Amedeo, “Loin de la terre, surgit le monde”, a windbreaker and a copy of the brochure “Cétacé, l’Océan boit la tasse”.
  • Finally, we congratulate the next 20 participants who have received an Onet X Fabrice Amedeo windbreaker and a copy of the brochure “Cétacé, l’Océan boit la tasse”. 

*(An educational brochure created by Fabrice Amedeo in collaboration with the Fondation de la mer and the Ministry of National Education, Youth Affairs, and Sports).


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