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Release from Lockdown: Onet Supports Re-Opening of Decathlon Stores in Romandy

As Decathlon Group’s points of sale re-opened on May 11, a high level of safety had to be assured for its employees and customers.

Onet teams mobilized to make sure that disinfection services followed strict protocols.

ONET AND DECATHLON : Partnership of Trust

From way back when it came to Romandy in 2018, the Decathlon Group has trusted Onet Switzerland to support it on a daily basis with cleaning services in the region’s stores. Therefore, it is quite natural that Onet teams supported the leading retailer of sports apparel and equipment in putting in place protocols customized for the re-opening of its points of sale.

Store Re-Opening : Real Logistics and Sanitation Challenge

Safety and distancing rules needed to be followed as Decathlon’s stores in Romandy re-opened. The Onet teams put all of their expertise into writing a new specification. Thus, new services were added and other already existing systems were strengthened:

  • Working Hours in Store
    The teams will put in 3 more hours at each store before opening time Monday through Saturday.
  • Special Disinfection 
    All the touch surfaces, such as registers, reception, fitting rooms, public bathrooms as well as employee-only spaces, such as shower rooms, break rooms, open spaces, and meeting rooms, will be very regularly disinfected using special products.
  • Providing Hydroalcoholic Gels 
    Dispensers on stands have been placed at the entrance of each store, and bottles of disinfectant gel and wipes are also made available at the registers.


“It is always easier to prevent a crisis when it is anticipated well in advance. As far as that goes, we were able to prepare a continuity plan for our joint activities with our partner Decathlon many days in advance. The company was able to remain on point by relying on Onet Switzerland’s competencies in the area of sanitation. Thus, thanks to perfect coordination, we were able to prepare for stores opening by assuring good understanding of the cleaning protocols and those for delivering hydroalcoholic gel dispensers as well as disinfectant products during a period of shortage in Switzerland. We were able “to act as fast as possible but as slowly as necessary” to assure appropriate sanitation measures.”