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Security Policy, a Key Role

The work of our Security Directorate is varied and fundamental to the smooth operation of Onet’s various activities and businesses as well as support services. Its mission is not only about protecting the Group, its image, and its employees;


It also involves “safekeeping defense secrets and protecting the nation’s scientific heritage, and combatting other malicious attacks on facilities as well as information or business,” comments Jean-Marc Delfaud.

Thus, it is required to perform security risk analyses when facing ill-intentioned activities which could range from physical theft to damage and even cyber attacks.


It is with respect to the latter that the Directorate’s overarching nature comes to the fore: “We work closely with Group Data Protection Officer (DPO) Yannick Kereun to put in place customized protection tools,” he explains.

Security: Essential Key to Gaining Markets 

One of the Directorate’s primary missions is to make sure that Onet meets all the criteria for tenders.

“We are committed to monitoring and verifying that we meet all the necessary requirements for classified tenders,” explains Jean-Marc Delfaud.

The Directorate works for all the companies within the Group and makes sure that the certifications of our 1,500 accredited employees remain current. The Directorate has to be all the more vigilant given that company executives are criminally liable in this type of contract.


A Strategic Challenge Contributing to Performance 

In addition, the fact this Directorate exists increases our customers’ confidence and their desire to have a more relaxed experience again, as evidenced by our customer testimonials.

Customer Testimonials

The creation of a security directorate at Onet is a key initiative. Our company, which is categorized as "protected" and identified by the Government as strategic, has to be able to rely on a trusted partner that is also efficient in its daily operations and has the structure required to meet corporate security challenges and protect people and assets.

When you are working in a sensitive field, security, including personnel security, is a policy priority. The fact that the Onet Group established a security directorate has been extremely well received by our teams. Our various subcontractors are of great importance to us, being as they are an integral part of our operations.