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The 25th anniversary of our Spanish subsidiary

25 years ago, the adventure began for Onet in Spain. Let’s take a look back at this history and our know-how today.

A history

In 1995, Onet entered the Iberian market. 

The adventure began with one of our French customers (a car manufacturer) who entrusted us with the industrial cleaning of its plant in Valladolid.

With the first acquisition, in 2000, of Pronature, Onet became a national player with branches throughout Spain. In 2014, Onet reorganized to support the Group’s international ambition. The company sets up an International Department, its main branch in Madrid.

That same year, the Group acquired Seralia to strengthen its position in the Iberian market, giving Onet in Spain greater visibility. This was followed in 2015 by an emblematic contract, the cleaning services for Real Madrid’s stadium, and a rapid expansion of our scope, we opened in Portugal in the same year.

2018, the latest acquisition, Impacto in the Basque Country.

The Group is thus continuing its international development. Onet Iberia continuing to assert itself as a reference in Spain and Portugal in sectors for which disinfection and cleanliness are essential services.

And today

Today, Onet is a major player in the services market in the Iberian Peninsula.

With first-class references and expertise in the fields of health, retail and transport, Onet Iberia offers these services:

  • for buildings (private companies and public institutions)
    • cleanliness
    • technical maintenance of facilities
    • auxiliary services
    • management of green spaces/gardening
    • waste management
  • for cities :
    • street cleaning
    • support for waste collection centres
    • management of urban waste
    • collection of selective sorting
  • for people :
    • home help
    • dependency assistance

With 8,000 employees in its three divisions (Edificios, Ciudades, Personas), Onet Iberia is today an example of integration, quality of service and diversification for the entire Group.

Over the last 6 years, our acquisitions and our entry into a virtuous circle of commercial dynamism have led us to multiply Onet Iberia's turnover by 5.

A specific adaptation in its anniversary year…

Onet Iberia is a key player in the provision of essential services during the pandemic. As a partner to its main customers, Onet has invested in the rational disinfection of its facilities.

Changes in processes, adaptations of protocols and solutions, new training, everything has been put in place to ensure this service.

With the motto “generamos espacios más agradables, saludables y seguros“, which means “we create more pleasant, healthy and safe environments“, Onet Iberia is doing everything possible to clean and disinfect its customers’ spaces and guarantee their safety. Safety that Spaniards demand, as shown by an IPSOS survey conducted with Onet Iberia: 93% demand proper disinfection of the places they visit to feel safe.



A wink for the 25th anniversary!

The Group wishes its Spanish subsidiary and all its employees a happy anniversary.