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The challenges of exporting services for Onet

On Thursday, July 7, Emilie DE LOMBARES, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Onet, took part in the plenary session of the Summer University on the internationalization of companies, “Services are increasingly at the heart of exports“.


This plenary session was moderated by Etienne VAUCHEZ, President of the Fabrique de l’Exportation, and also featured speakers Jérôme FABRE, President of the Compagnie Fruitière and Ludovic SUBRAN, Chief Economist at ALLIANZ.


les enjeux de l’exportation des services pour Onet

The importance of the services market in 2022

Today, the export of services represents 1/3 of French exports. This market is constantly evolving, unlike the goods market, which is experiencing a decline due to recent world events.

The share of the services market has increased by 150% in France over the last ten years.

And for good reason, international trade in services is an opportunity for our country, especially since it is not hampered by transport costs and carbon emissions.

Onet continues to grow internationally

As an international player in engineering and services, Onet has had exporting its know-how on its roadmap for several years.


Our Group has opened up to the world and is making great strides, increasing its turnover from 45 million seven years ago to 300 million by 2022.


This desire to export our services is due to a strong conviction that “when we know how to do something somewhere, we must know how to do it in another culture, another environment”, says our Chairman of the Board.


Onet’s challenges today are to support our clients internationally with our know-how, to export our reference library of professions, but above all to understand the culture and diversity of the country for which we provide our services.


Find below the replay of the plenary session

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Emilie de Lombarès interviewed after her participation to the plenary

On the occasion of her participation to the plenary session of UEIE 2022 (Summer University of Internationalization of Companies), our CEO, Emilie de Lombarès was interviewed on the expertise of our services and on their export.