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Turbulent Departure on Trip Around the World for Fabrice Amedeo

Fabrice Amedeo embarked on his second Vendée on Sunday, November 8. Find all the news about him every Friday.


Every Friday, find a summary of the adventures of our mariner Fabrice Amedeo on his trip around the world.

Grand Sailing from Sables d’Olonne

Last Sunday at 2:20 pm, Fabrice Amedeo put out to sea for a 2 to 3-month race around the world. In a magnificent display, the yachts went out into a south-easterly wind of about 10 knots on a sea that was calm. When he sailed, the skipper was tranquil and happy but then he encountered a major technical problem.


Fabrice Amedeo Turns Around and Heads for Port Olona

Fabrice Amedeo was forced to turn around because of a front sail hook (fastener component) problem. Given that he had been 50 nautical miles out, he did not come back to Sables for repairs until the middle of the night. His team went into action to fix the problem while following medical isolation rules. At sunup, it became clear that the damage was more extensive than previously thought, requiring a longer than expected repair. It is with the help of competing teams that the IMOCA was finally able to sail again. A nice initiative that proves the strength of team-work, even in a round-the-world solitary race.


“Everyone was reminding me that Michel Desjoyeaux had been delayed 40 hours in Sables d’Olonne in 2008 and had still won the race.”

Second Sailing Cheered on by Sables Residents

At 10:15 pm on Tuesday, November 11, the IMOCA left the Vendée Globe dock to start on its way down the Sables d’Olonne channel. Fabrice Amedeo and his team waited quietly to return to the race but they had not taken into consideration the enthusiasm of Sables residents that turned out in great numbers along the wharf to cheer them on. There are many that had waited to take their authorized time out of doors to make this sailing into an exceptional moment. Enough to lift up the skipper’s heart given that he had some 450 miles to travel before he caught up to the stragglers of the pack.

“One needs energy from people to take off on a journey around the world, and now that it is there, I am ready! Thanks to everyone.”

Our Mariner Continuing on His Path Fraught with Danger

Yesterday, the weather that had passed over his competitors put his yacht to the test. Race results: a failed autopilot actuator rod and a torn electrical wire that put the entire IT network out of commission. No more Internet or link between his computer and the on-board electronics. This morning, everything is fixed.
Fabrice Amedeo confides that he is not exactly a handyman, but at sea, there is no plan B.
“Failing meant going back to port and spending the winter by the fireside. This means I succeeded.”
We hope that this spot of bad luck is behind him and that what follows is going to be easier on our mariner, far from having been spared at the start of this Vendée Globe.

“When I was taking off on my first trip around the world, Michel Desjoyeaux said to me: “The Vendée is a problem a day, you’ll see.” It is more like three for me already!”