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World Recycling Day
Onet makes a commitment!

For 20 years now, through our CSR policy “A Present for the Future”, we have been working to reduce our ecological footprint. To do this, we are committed to a circular economy through various solutions and approaches.


Concerning recycling, let’s focus on 4 partnerships.

Our computer equipment

Since 2017, Olinn, an adapted company employing people with disabilities, has been working with us to manage the recycling and reuse of our waste electrical and electronic equipment.

Deployed in all of the Group’s 350 branches in France, this solution enables each region to organize its own equipment collection.


Credit ©Olinn

In 2022,
5.4 tons of equipment
were collected!

In 2022,
33 tons of waste
were collected

Our electrical and electronic equipment

In 2017, we set up a national partnership with the eco-organization Ecosystem concerning the collection of waste electrical and electronic (WEEE). This partnership contributes to the development of mass collection, a vector of environmental, economic and social performance.

Recycling of our outfits by the Cravate solidaire

In 2022, the teams of the Normandy-Hauts de France Regional Division of Onet Cleaning and Services collected clothes to help disadvantaged people looking for work in partnership with the “Cravate solidaire“.


This association works for equal opportunities and aims to fight against discrimination in hiring, particularly that related to physical appearance.



A record collection
for the “Cravate solidaire” in Rouen
with a donation of 235 kg of clothes

In 2022,
90% of the waste collected
is recyclable.

Waste sorting with TRiBü

For more than ten years, Onet Cleaning and Services’ Rhône-Alpes Regional Division has been working with TRiBü, a company specializing in waste sorting in companies. We work together as true partners with various clients, including an emblematic client, the Museum of Confluences in Lyon.


TRiBü also collects, sorts and treats waste from the Rhône-Alpes Regional Office, as well as from our Saint-Quentin-Fallavier and Saint-Priest branches.


In 2023, we will continue our commitment to environmental protection by promoting recycling, the circular economy and waste reduction.