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Our workforce

We’re passionate about our mission to support clients in building healthier, safer and more dependable work environments!

Onet is first and foremost a collective of men and women who share strong convictions and values: listening, respect and daring!

Jobs that make a difference

Every day, our employees devote their energy and skills to essential businesses that keep society functioning and contribute to the personal well-being of all individuals. They provide professional support for all key business ecosystems, including workspace management, production, energy, transport, healthcare, leisure and education.

Do you have recognized technical skills and a strong sense of service? Do you believe in teamwork?

If you said “yes” to any of these questions, you may have what it takes to be part of our group! If you’re looking to develop your skills and make a difference in the world, we invite you to join Onet’s team!

We’re committed to skills recognition and development.

Would you like to join one of our subsidiaries around the world?

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5 good reasons to join Onet

Proximity is an essential factor in people-centered services. We all need to feel a sense of purpose and belonging, and we share a common goal to make life simpler and more enjoyable for everyone. Even as a large international group with vast operations, we’ve been able to maintain close relationships among our employees and clients thanks to a business structure connecting over 400 independently managed profit centers.

Our CSR strategy, “The Future Begins Today” has been in place since 2002 and remains an integral part of the group’s strategy. Our responsible development objectives serve as a framework at all levels of management.

Our employees firmly believe that our “Future Begins Today” approach sets us apart from the competition and represents a tremendous opportunity for the company.

We are strongly committed to investing in skills training for our employees and believe in the greater social impact of such programs. We offer training programs designed to help our employees evolve, grow and flourish in their careers, while improve their job performance.

Recognizing employee potential and capitalizing on workforce skills is central to our company’s talent management strategy, which is why we place a strong emphasis on internal promotion. Our training cycles are designed to help employees grow into management positions.

We offer international career opportunities across a wide range of disciplines.

Our employees believe that the services we provide should enhance business performance for our clients. This approach to service helps to develop a culture of innovation and progress. Our client focus also contributes to business development and job creation.

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I’m often pleasantly surprised at Onet.Surprised by our responsiveness when it comes to implementing client projects and making sure they’re satisfied. Surprised by the research, technology and innovation within our various disciplines. Every day is another opportunity for improvement. So it’s no surprise that Onet is constantly surprising me!



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