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The Onet Group

Onet is a family business, founded in Marseille in 1860.

While the company has preserved its roots, it has also grown in many areas. Today, Onet is an international engineering and services group. Its diversified offering spans several countries and is underpinned by the expertise of its employees.

Over the years, our company has developed a wide range of expertise in support of its customers, which has been a cornerstone of its development and a pillar of its corporate strategy ever since it was founded. 


An ambitious Group

"Onet has become an international engineering and services group. Our value lies not only in our economic and financial performance, but also in our impact.
Our approach provides answers to the challenges of our development: to continue to grow harmoniously, by implementing our responsible development approach, to anticipate and act on all our impacts on people, society and nature.

Our project is to be a company with impact".

Emilie de Lombarès

Chairman of the Board

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Our vision & mission

We know that human beings are never better than when working together, and that collective intelligence is the greatest source of wealth.

By pooling our strengths, we can create better environments for everyone.

Group strategy

Our development strategy is in line with the Group's ambitions: to ensure Onet's long-term viability through constant growth in sales and the profitability required for new investments, while at the same time developing a more virtuous model for everyone, the "impact company".

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A group

In an ever-changing society, it's essential to have stable points of reference to fall back on.


Our Group stems from a family history and has its roots in the Marseilles area.



Today, Onet is an international engineering and services group. The Group has an active geographical presence in 9 countries, and provides services in over 20 countries.


The Onet Group's approach to international business is both proactive and well thought-out. The choice of our acquisitions and partnerships is based on a match between our values and those of our partners. Onet exports its know-how and values, while focusing on local expertise and culture.

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