Working together to create
a better professional environment for all employees

Onet, the family company from France,that has become a major international player in the field of engineering and related services

Our mission is to support our clients in building healthier, safer and more reliable work environments.

This means providing professional support for all key business ecosystems, including workspace management, production, energy, transport, healthcare, leisure and education.

We aim to create close relationships with clients and stakeholders through our various service providers.

Together, we are stronger. We firmly believe that effective collaboration strategies can help us face societal challenges, both today and tomorrow.

From the time of its creation in 1860, Onet has been driven by a set of strong core values.

Today, our business units around the world share the same vision.

A committed company

Environmental commitments

Our social


Onet joins forces with French sailor Fabrice Amedeo in his fight to protect the environment

The Onet group has signed a 3-year partnership to support Fabrice Amedeo’s project. Working closely with the international scientific community, the French sailor has been navigating the world’s oceans in an IMOCA yacht to raise awareness for the environment. Onet’s generous funding of the racing boat’s on-board sensor has made this mission possible.

Our areas of expertise

Cleaning and related services
We offer daily services to maintain the cleanliness and hygiene of our clients' workplace and leisure environments, ensuring the health and well-being of their employees and the safe functioning of their equipment.
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We use our proven expertise to provide human and technological solutions for all of your security needs.
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Nuclear engineering and related services
We assist our clients throughout the life cycle of their industrial and nuclear facilities
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Reception services
Our highly effective reception services aim to create intelligent connections among stakeholders and to facilitate communication between these individuals and the host venue.
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Airport services
We provide innovative operational solutions for airport managers and airlines.
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We develop custom logistical solutions for our clients' core processes and infrastructure
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Professional training
We offer workforce skills support through personalized training programs developed by our experts
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Technical maintenance for facilities
Maintaining a high-quality work environment means improving company performance to ensure the safety of both people and goods.
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Interim and permanent staff management
Onet provides collaborative human resource support to help grow your business.
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What our employees are saying…

Working for Onet has been an amazing journey! I’m lucky to have so many opportunities for career growth within the company. Onet’s workforce is incredibly diverse. There’s something for everyone here.

Christine PY