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A user-centered approach

Since product and service features alone are no longer enough to make the difference, Onet places the user experience at the heart of its approach.

It has become an essential element of performance.

The study of user needs
is the cornerstone of our thinking

For several years, Onet has placed the end user at the heart of its approach. Since 2018, Onet has conducted two studies with Ipsos on the importance and expectations of French employees with regard to hygiene and cleanliness.

The results are indisputable: cleanliness is emerging as a key factor in individual and collective well-being: it plays a crucial role in employee motivation and efficiency at work.

This approach enables Onet to innovate by providing value-added information to its customers, and to offer a consultative approach to developing concrete, tailored solutions that meet the hygiene and cleanliness challenges of occupants, users and customers.

Ipsos Onet survey
Cleanliness in French people's daily lives and in the

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Tools for a better dialogue
on the subject of hygiene and cleanliness

Numerous tools have been developed for visitors, customers and employees to better understand their expectations and encourage them to talk about hygiene and cleanliness, and thus improve their well-being. 

The solutions offered by Onet enable our customers to promote their choice in terms of hygiene and cleanliness and to maintain communication on the subject.

Occupant diagnosis

Depending on our customers' sector of activity and building type, Onet carries out a personalized diagnosis to better understand your occupants' expectations in terms of hygiene and cleanliness.

Quiz Ipsos x Onet

Onet provides a quiz to discover your hygiene and cleanliness profile in less than 2 minutes.

Onet x Bgin Clean videos

Onet Cleaning and Associated Services and cleanliness influencer Bgin Clean are launching a series of 5 videos designed to provide tips and tricks for a cleaner workplace.


Download awareness-raising posters for employees

Solutions developed
for the well-being of occupants

To meet the challenges and expectations of our customers' employees, we naturally place user well-being at the heart of our approach.


Cleanliness services tailored to specific needs, thanks to analysis from connected objects.



A comprehensive sustainable waste management solution combining technical and environmental performance.


Daytime work

Onet has developed a specific process that makes this solution a win-win situation.

Daytime work