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Onet and sport

Welcome to the world of Onet through the prism of sport, where action, solidarity and innovation come together to create exceptional success stories.


Sport, a true vector of emotions and universal values, is much more than just a physical discipline. It embodies passion, determination, team spirit and the desire to surpass oneself.

Onet employee visits Fabrice Amedeo's IMOCA boat

Our commitment
to the values of sport

Within the Onet Group, we have always been aware of the power of sport as a catalyst for shared values and exceptional synergies for our employees and customers alike.


Since our foundation over 160 years ago, we have constantly sought to evolve, adapt and grow, building on solid partnerships and developing lasting relationships. One facet of this evolution has been our ongoing commitment to the world of sport. This passion for sport is not only rooted in our DNA, but also reflects our commitment to communities and the values that unite people across the globe: closer, stronger.


Over the years, the Onet Group has woven an extensive web of sporting partnerships, going far beyond simple commercial transactions. These collaborations have created synergies, strengthened our market presence, supported local and international initiatives, while conveying our values of performance and responsibility.


Sport, as a vehicle for our commitments, offers us fertile ground to strengthen our presence by supporting top-level athletes who share our ambitions.


Our athletes

Emmanuelle Mörch

Wheelchair Tennis

Emmanuelle Mörch's life is a story of resilience, a saga marked by the will to overcome obstacles.

Fabrice Amedeo


Fabrice Amedeo, skipper and journalist, author and fervent advocate of ocean preservation, embodies the alliance between maritime passion and environmental commitment.

Sacha Alessandrini


Sacha Alessandrini is a dedicated and passionate athlete. Her exceptional career reflects a strong determination and an innate passion for athletics.

Marie Wattel


Marie Wattel discovered her passion for swimming in Mauritius. On her return to France, she joined the Club des Dauphins d'Annecy, excelled in the butterfly and went on to achieve international records and debuts under the watchful eye of Vanessa Brouard.

Prescillia Lézé


Prescillia Lézé is much more than an exceptional athlete. Her career has been marked by determination and inspiring inner strength.

The Olympians


With nearly 40 years of shared history, our collaboration with OM has expanded to include Onet's support for the women's team, affirming its role as a committed player.

Onet, committed to ensuring
the quality of sporting events

Onet is a key player in guaranteeing the quality of sporting events.


We work closely with sports event organizers to ensure that everything runs safely and to the highest quality standards. This includes sports infrastructure maintenance, participant and spectator safety, waste management, and much more.


Our commitment in this respect is a mark of confidence for our customers, event organizers and participants alike, reinforcing the trust placed in us as the partner of choice for major sporting events such as the Open13 Provence, Mutua Madrid, Rolex Monte Carlo Masters, matches for Olympique de Marseille, Olympique Lyonnais, Racing Club de Toulon and USL Dunkerque, as well as the Sails GP, Marseille Cassis, etc.

Onet, support and partner
of major sporting events and top athletes

Onet is committed to actively supporting major sporting events and top-level athletes.


Our company recognizes the importance of these events for society and strives to contribute to their success.


As a socially responsible company committed to the world of sport, we support top-level athletes, helping them to realize their dreams and reach their full potential.