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Training, I develop new skills

Skills development is an essential part of the Group's overall performance.



Our training strategy is based on developing the skills and expertise of our employees in each of the Group's businesses, supporting them in their career paths, contributing to business development through their performance, and developing our collective ability to adapt to the challenges of tomorrow.

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Onet University

Onet University offers every employee the opportunity for long-term training. Each skill acquired is a new lever for career development.

Backed by its partnerships with leading business schools, Onet University offers 2 degree courses in business and management.

Apprenticeships at Onet

I'm developing and gaining access to new skills


Onet's training courses enable you to acquire new skills and become more independent.


Learning with an international player in engineering and services means committing to a stimulating environment in which to complete your professional training and continually evolve.

business sectors

Designing my career path



Training at Onet is based on a strategy of skills enhancement for all business lines. To achieve this, each employee is supported in creating his or her own career path.


This richness contributes to the Group's commercial development, while guaranteeing consistent standards.

The aim is to develop everyone's ability to adapt to tomorrow's challenges.

I'm training for a trade


With its many different business areas, the Group is able to offer all its employees training courses tailored to their individual career paths.


A range of 450 certifications and qualifying training courses are offered every year, enabling every Onet employee to strive for excellence.



Digital tools

Committed to all its employees, Onet has decided to introduce a number of easy-to-access digital tools to facilitate training, including e-learning and virtual reality.

Digitizing these training aids enables us to extend capacities and usage times, and thus streamline processes.

All these tools are linked to the Group's HRIS and managed by a dedicated team responsible for producing online training content.