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For over 55 years, Onet Airport Services has been a major partner of major international airlines and French airports.

Our teams assist our customers on all types of aircraft (commercial, cargo or private) with baggage management and all runway and cleaning services.


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Our approach

Airport services professions

As an expert in airport services, Onet Airport Services is one of the top-performing companies in the sector in France, thanks to the renewal of its ISAGO certification.


We are developing in 2 major directions:

  • engineering and innovation with
    • flow and process management
    • design and re-engineering
  • airport and airline operations
    • passenger services
    • on-track operations
    • hub baggage logistics




Featured offers

Part-time assistant operations manager F/H

Operational excellence engineer (work-study or internship) F/H

IT engineer (internship or work-study) F/H

Developing high-performance, sustainable ground handling solutions for airlines and airports

Airport services, also known as ground handling, are the services provided to airlines and airports to support their ground operations.

We operate in commercial, business and cargo aviation.

Innovation is at the heart of our services

 To implement our 4.0 operations, we design and invest in digital and technological solutions to create added value. IoT for our GSEs, VR training, AI deployment, implementation of robotic solutions... our teams work with a 360° vision, to transform our industry.

Some examples
of airport service professions

Airport handling jobs

These are jobs that involve handling aircraft on the tarmac. They include jobs such as ramp agent, handling vehicle driver, fuel supply personnel, cargo loading and unloading personnel, etc.


Passenger-related professions

These are jobs that involve handling passengers at the airport. They include jobs such as check-in agent, boarding agent, security agent, baggage handling agent, assistance agent for passengers with reduced mobility, etc.


Freight-related professions

These are jobs that involve cargo handling at the airport. They include jobs such as cargo processing manager, cargo processing agent, cargo warehousing manager, etc.


Management and executive professions

There are also management and executive professions, such as airport operations manager, human resources manager, maintenance manager, and so on.

Each of these professions requires specific skills and appropriate training. They also offer professional development opportunities for employees seeking to advance their careers.

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