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Onet's expertise

Leader in cleanliness and No. 4 in safety in France, French benchmark in operator support in the nuclear sector, recognized challengers in our other host countries.


Onet aims to bring value to its customers through a combined "services and engineering" approach, and perfect mastery of all the businesses that make up its offering.


We operate our own businesses, guaranteeing expertise and performance.

Our ambition

We want to establish ourselves as thebenchmark service company.


Our ambition is to be a company that is recognized by all its customers for the value it brings them, but also by the Company, particularly through the role and missions it entrusts to its employees.


In the future, the impact of our actions must be a differentiating factor for our customers and employees alike.

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Cleaning & related services

Act on a daily basis to maintain the cleanliness and hygiene of our customers' working and leisure environments, and ensure the well-being of their employees/customers and the performance of their equipment.



Agile solutions thanks to proven security expertise and a perfect command of human and technological solutions


Nuclear engineering & services

Supporting our customers throughout the lifecycle of their nuclear and industrial facilities



Creating customized logistics solutions at the heart of our customers' processes and infrastructures



Offer services that have a real operational utility and create intelligent connections between the various players and the location.


Airport services

Developing expert solutions in ramp and terminal handling


Building maintenance

Maintaining the quality of the working environment is vital to the company's performance, and guarantees the safety of people and property.



Helping companies develop their skills through customized training programs run by our experts

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3 pillars guide our actions


We support our customers at the heart of their production processes, tailoring our services to the specific requirements of their business sector, to maximize their performance and optimize the experience of their employees/customers/partners.

If the Group has never ceased to expand into new businesses and territories, it is always with the aim of being close to our customers.


This proximity is a strength recognized by our customers. It enables us to better understand their challenges and anticipate their future needs.


Thanks to our dense network of 350 branches, we are located close to our clients' sites, guaranteeing controlled, cost-effective services.


We implement an upstream consulting approach, backed up by a third-party expert's viewpoint, to put in place truly relevant and appropriate solutions. 


Our expertise in our various business lines enables us to back up our services with a regulatory analysis and monitoring approach, instilled by our experts and passed on to all our operators.


To achieve this, we implement a sector-based approach. This enables us to deploy expertise tailored to the specific needs of our customers: airport, nuclear, ultra-clean healthcare, agri-food...


To nurture our expertise, our Group is constantly investing in innovation

Our commitment

For over 15 years, eco-responsibility has been at the heart of our company's strategy. Alongside our customers, we deploy ever more responsible solutions for people and the environment.


Tomorrow, we want Onet to become a company with an impact; in other words, our contribution to social, societal and environmental issues should be monitored, measurable, and concern all our activities. 

Through our concrete commitment, we show that it is possible to reconcile economic performance with social and environmental commitment, for the betterment of all.


On the environmental front, we were pioneers with our Biogistic solution.

This is the first offer based on the principles of the circular economy. Thanks to this innovation, we save 20 tonnes of waste every year, our teams handle products that are safe for their health and that of the occupants, and transport is reduced, with fewer CO2 emissions as a result.


On the social front, we have also made major commitments, for example on the subject of integration with the "emplois francs" scheme, or in terms of training with the Onet University, which contributes to developing the skills of all our employees, from agents to managers, whatever their profession, notably through the digitalization of training.

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