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Since its foundation in 1860, Onet has developed around strong values and convictions.

It's this shared vision that unites the men and women of our collective around the world.

In our day-to-day work, we give substance to these fundamentals to keep moving in the same direction.

Our vision

We know that human beings are never better than when working together, and that collective intelligence is the greatest source of wealth.

We always go further and take on greater challenges when we move forward together.

Our ambition

We want to establish ourselves as the benchmark service company. One that enables all its employees, through their role and mission, to bring value to each customer and to society as a whole.

Our mission

Onet® deploys its energies and resources to help create ever healthier, safer and more reliable environments.

Onet values


Listening is closely linked to one of our core values: proximity.

By listening to markets, trends and our stakeholders, we can reinvent ourselves to respond to changes in society and the expectations of our customers and employees.



Respect for our commitments, for the individual, for regulations: respect is the foundation of any lasting relationship. It is an essential notion that enables everyone to evolve in a serene environment, conducive to the expression of all talents.


Boldness is a prerequisite for progress. It's a state of mind that allows us to dare, to undertake, and to constantly seek better solutions. That's why we encourage our teams to have confidence in their know-how and their ability to innovate.

A signature to embody our vision


Proximity is the very essence of our human-centered service businesses: being useful to others, to the community, making daily life more pleasant and simple for everyone.

In an increasingly digitalized world, we believe it's essential to strengthen human contact and the links between our employees, customers and partners.

It is by being close to our stakeholders (for example, by being directly integrated into the heart of our customers' sites) that we can best understand and respond to their needs, and anticipate their expectations of tomorrow.



Strength is the direct benefit of proximity. It's because we're closer that we're stronger together.

The term "stronger" embodies the added value we derive from this collective intelligence.

It expresses everything we gain from working together: pleasure, performance, efficiency, capacity for innovation, solidarity...

Onet, Stronger together