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Innovation to help transform our businesses, listening to our customers, entrepreneurial spirit and boldness have always been values advocated by Onet's teams. They ensure the commitment and performance of our teams, and enable us to listen to and serve our customers in the best possible way.

Our innovation policy:
an approach combining services and engineering

Our innovation policy is part of a virtuous circle: creating value for our customers, it enables us to generate profitable growth and continue to invest.


The experience we have acquired with our various customers and our combined "services and engineering" approach enable us to keep abreast of new trends and the challenges facing our customers. Every day, we implement high-performance technical processes such as cryogenics and laser decontamination, as well as expertise combining man and technology, such as Clean Connect, clean in use, or the Exosphère® mobile monitoring unit...


The diversity of our business lines offers a vast range of innovation skills, supported by human resources with qualified and specialized profiles; all in-house expertise at the service of innovation.

A wide range of innovations

Like our businesses, we innovate in many ways. Technological first of all, to contribute ever more to the efficiency of our operations, and also digital, to improve the customer experience and the fluidity of our exchanges.

Acting for environmental transition and climate change also requires a strong capacity to innovate and imagine new solutions. Finally, innovation also means proposing new approaches to improve the experience of the end-users of our services.

Our main areas of innovation

Technical and technological innovation
for ever greater efficiency


Our innovations enable us to offer services that are more efficient, safer and adapted to the environment, thanks to cutting-edge technologies such as laser decontamination, the use of artificial intelligence for innovative welding processes, and the use of connected sensors to adapt cleanliness to use...

to enhance the customer experience


Digitizing our processes to be ever more efficient is a priority for the Group. This focus on innovation enables us to transform processes into more effective solutions, creating improvements in our customers' productivity: digital business management, digital transparency of services, digitalized training...

for the ecological transition


Committed to responsible development for several years now, the Onet Group is working to have a positive impact on the environment by developing new services such as in-situ waste treatment and recovery, optimization of water consumption and limitation of cleaning effluents, implementation of biotechnological solutions and use of low-carbon energy sources.

Creating new solutions
for the well-being of occupants


Since the characteristics of a product or service alone are no longer enough to make the difference, Onet places the user experience at the heart of its approach and implements a range of measures: studies, tools to improve dialogue, solutions developed for the well-being of occupants...

Focus on...

Orbital welding
A technical process incorporating artificial intelligence to improve the quality of our operations and the safety of our employees in nuclear environments.
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Clean connect
Innovative solution that revolutionizes the concept of cleaning by enabling pay-as-you-go services.
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