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Our development strategy is in line with the Group's ambitions: to remain a sustainable company with constant growth in sales and the profitability needed for new investments, and to make Onet a company with impact.

"Today, more than ever, companies need to project themselves, commit themselves and give meaning to their activities. Our corporate vision is evolving to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow. It is a committed course for Onet. It supports our project for a company with impact, a benchmark for our service businesses, and will set us apart from the rest.

Emilie de Lombarès


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Development strategy

Our course, derived from the vision of our shareholders, is based on 5 key ideas that will guide our positions over the coming years.


Maintaining our financial independence

Onet's development strategy is a long-term one, built around a single ambition: to remain an autonomous, independent group that uses its results to provide the means for growth. Financial independence gives us the freedom to undertake, while respecting our values.


Consolidate our positions in France and abroad

To consolidate our business, we need to strengthen our market positions, in terms of both volume and expertise, with accentuated sectoral prisms and different levels of technical expertise. This may lead us to expand into businesses that can improve our positions in the value chain of certain strategic customer sectors, without abandoning our traditional businesses.


Affirming a sense of service

We've always been a service company. The very essence of service is to satisfy our customers by seeking out solutions they might not have imagined, thanks to our third-party perspective and the experience we have acquired in our different sectors of activity. This spirit of service has always united and animated us on a daily basis.


Setting the standard in our businesses

Onet's ambition is to be and remain the benchmark in each of our businesses; to be recognized by all our customers for the value we deliver, in particular through the role and missions we entrust to our employees.


Becoming an impact company

Our company, through the essential role of the services it offers, is already making a positive contribution to the evolution of society. Tomorrow, we want Onet to become a company with an impact: in other words, our contribution to social, societal and environmental issues should be monitored, measurable and apply to all our activities.

Diversity and wealth of skills

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Onet's investment in innovation has always reflected the Group's strong commitment to the major issues of the day, and a constant desire to move forward. The digitization of processes has greatly accelerated the evolution of the company's businesses over the past five years, and is a priority for the Group.

Innovation also means proposing new approaches and services adapted to customers' changing needs.

The Onet Group actively participates in business networks dedicated to innovation, such as Club Innovation Paca, Safe Cluster, Capenergies...