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Mobility, Building my career path

The advantages of optimized internal mobility are real, and prove beneficial for both employees and the company.
For the employee, it develops open-mindedness, adaptability and, of course, the acquisition of new skills. They benefit from enhanced employability.

Joining Onet means looking to the future with ambition

At Onet, everyone is a player in their own mobility.


By capitalizing on each candidate's potential, and not just their skills, Onet's Human Resources Department encourages internal and external mobility.

By making the necessary tools available to candidates for mobility, the Group encourages the development of its talents:

  • specific training,
  • formalizing career paths,
  • weekly update of available offers...
the number of jobs open to mobility at Onet

Mobility at the heart of the Onet organization

A real opportunity to change professions

From cleanliness to logistics, from security to hospitality


The Onet Group offers a wide range of professions, each with their own specific areas of expertise, and a multitude of career prospects.


By devising a personalized career path, the candidate is supported by Human Resources in realizing his or her mobility project. If, for example, a talent wants to move from cleaning to logistics, we will analyze his or her skills and desire for change, as well as his or her ability to apply what he or she has learned in one activity to another.


Onet's family culture ensures that every employee feels at home in his or her job, and that we listen to each individual's plans while implementing concrete solutions.

Evolving also means opening up to other cultures

Because mobility isn't just a matter of taking up a new position in your own country, the Group also offers positions abroad.

Changing country is now within the reach of employees with a coherent project.

To the extent that positions are available in one of the countries where the Group operates, human resources managers will support the candidate in his or her project.

Evolving in a new culture while remaining attached to one's roots is now possible.