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Developing responsible innovations

The Onet Group is working to have a positive impact on the environment by developing new services such as in-situ waste treatment and recovery, optimizing water consumption and limiting cleaning effluents, and implementing Biotechnological solutions... Responsible innovations to help create ever healthier environments.

Becoming an impact company

A company's performance has become inseparable from the attention it pays to the environment in which it operates. Committed to responsible development for many years, Onet launched its CSR policy, "A present for the future", in 2002.

Our Group is particularly attentive to ensuring that its activities have a positive impact on the world around it. With this in mind, we are implementing a cross-functional policy across all our businesses, in order to meet environmental, economic, social and societal challenges, and to constantly reflect on how to improve our products so that they are ever more effective, while at the same time respecting the environment and being harmless to mankind.

We are constantly striving to raise awareness and educate our employees and customers, to encourage them to adopt these new practices.

Laurence Acerbo, Head of Development, Onet Group

Innovation in the circular economy

As the national benchmark for professional cleaning, Onet is constantly striving to improve its products so that they are not only more effective, but also environmentally friendly and harmless to people.


In 2017, Onet changed the logistics of the waste management business by implementing the "Biogistic®" solution.


Based on the simple principle of reusing empty bottles instead of throwing them away, this change has enabled the group to reduce its plastic consumption by 1/3 on conventional cleaning services.


The entire chain is designed to control our ecological impact. Ultra-concentrated products are diluted in agencies or at major customer sites using Dilumob, a special dilution unit developed and patented by Onet's engineering teams.


Containers, meanwhile, are reused to reduce plastic waste, enabling us to cut down on product transport, and thus limit our CO2 emissions. Biogistic has been designed with the circular economy in mind.

Reducing environmental impact
with the GREEN FLOW innovation


Onet has developed a management and traceability tool for its waste management activities, enabling us to reduce waste at source and reduce our customers' environmental impact.

This solution, comprising a software platform and connected objects, guarantees the traceability of internal and external flows, controls and monitors the entire waste management process, and manages contingencies (sorting errors, equipment status, etc.);

An innovation that sets the Onet Group as an exemplary eco-citizen in line with its SD, CSR and ISO 14001 policies.

Innovative solutions to reduce MSD risks


Health and safety prevention is a constant priority in all our activities. We are committed to ensuring the safety of our employees.

However, some of our professions are more prone to musculoskeletal disorders. We therefore seek to improve the working conditions of our employees, in particular through innovative means.

For example, in our airport services business, we have developed a "scanner" glove that facilitates baggage handling, and all the associated professional gestures require considerable physical effort. 

We can also illustrate the reduction of chemical risks with our Biogistic solution, which replaces conventional cleaning products in the tertiary sector with non-hazardous, biotechnology-derived, fragrance-free products.