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As integrators of human and electronic security-security services and solutions, we support our customers in the tailor-made management of their risks.

From design-engineering to operations management and progress planning, our multi-disciplinary teams provide solutions tailored to the most stringent safety and security requirements for each type of site (tertiary, ERP, SEVESO, events, etc.).

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Our approach

Safety professions

We place our employees at the heart of our development strategy. To this end, we provide support and training to enable our teams to enhance their technical and sectoral know-how, as well as their employability, particularly for our operational staff.

Our ambition is to be recognized as a key player in the market, thanks to our proximity, our responsiveness and, above all, our expertise.

Our 3 main areas of training are as follows:

  • Strengthening know-how to serve customers
  • Occupational risk prevention
  • Support for our local managers

Featured offers

Sales engineer (electronic safety) F/H

Recognized as a benchmark player in the market, thanks to our proximity, our responsiveness and, above all, our expertise.

Our development is based on specific professions for each activity, in our branches throughout France:


For Human Security
Security agents, SSIAP agents, industrial firefighters or operations managers, to intervene in office environments, sites open to the public, industrial sites or classified sites (chemical, nuclear, secret defense, etc.) or during events,


For Electronic Security

Technicians in electronics and electrical engineering for the installation and maintenance of our systems in all sectors of activity: banking, public markets, the service sector, industry, etc. IT developers or design engineers for the design and development of safety solutions for our customers.

We recruit for these professions at all levels of experience (apprentice, agent, technician, team leader, manager or director), according to our branch needs.


Some examples
of security professions

Security agent

It ensures the protection of goods and people by monitoring the premises and making rounds.

Fire safety officer

It prevents fire hazards and responds to emergencies.

Safety Manager

It draws up and implements safety plans to protect people and property.

Security Consultant

He advises companies and individuals on the safety measures they need to put in place.

Electronic security engineer

It designs and installs electronic security systems, such as alarms and surveillance cameras.

Electronic security technician

It installs and maintains electronic security systems.

Our business
of safety