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In a world of ever-increasing trade, logistics operations play a fundamental role. From the supply of raw materials to the reliability of distribution, our logistics teams contribute to the development of our customers' core businesses.

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Our approach

Logistics professions

In a sector subject to a high level of risk, the health and safety of our employees is the priority of our responsible management with :

  • quality of life at work,
  • combating musculoskeletal disorders,
  • Behavioral Safety Visits,
  • the POP approach (Piloter Onet en Prévention)...

Our employees' know-how and support in a demanding customer environment, at the heart of their activity, is our main added value.


Key points to remember

  • Quality customer relations at the heart of its infrastructures 
  • Employee skills and know-how in demanding environments,
  • The health and safety of our teams is at the forefront of our management approach


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Logistics Agent Receiving & Shipping F/H

Logistics controller (buffer zone) F/H

Alternating transport/customs service F/M

Work-study logistics team leader F/H

Managing supply chain operations, from production to delivery


Our know-how (flow control, quality-cost-delivery, etc.) enables us to set up our customers' own warehouses and develop the skills they need to meet their exacting requirements.


By integrating new technologies, we bring our expertise in tailor-made logistics and handling services to companies aware of the importance of these tasks in their day-to-day operations.


The expertise and experience we have acquired in highly demanding sectors has confirmed our position as one of France's top 15 3PLs in logistics.


Some examples
of logistics professions

Logistics Manager

The logistics manager is responsible for managing the entire supply chain. This includes production planning, inventory management, warehouse management, coordinating the delivery of finished products to customers, as well as managing returns and complaints. This job requires a global view of the supply chain, project management skills, the ability to communicate and negotiate with suppliers and carriers, and a thorough knowledge of supply chain management tools.


Stock manager

The stock manager is responsible for managing the company's inventory. This includes planning purchases, managing stock levels, coordinating with suppliers, receiving and checking deliveries, and managing returns. The skills required for this job include the ability to manage inventory effectively, forecast stock requirements and work closely with other company departments.


Supply chain manager

The Supply Chain Manager is responsible for managing all procurement-related activities within the company. This includes procurement planning, supplier coordination, contract management, supplier relationship management and procurement risk management. The skills required for this job include a sound knowledge of procurement processes, the ability to manage supplier relationships and to negotiate contracts that are advantageous to the company.


Logistics coordinator

The logistics coordinator is responsible for coordinating the company's logistics operations. This includes planning logistics activities, managing shipping documents, coordinating with carriers, managing warehouses and coordinating deliveries. Skills required for this job include good communication skills

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