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Our service businesses are intrinsically linked to people. Our collective is our strength. Every day, and for as long as we can remember, we work together to be useful to others, to the community. Given the size of our workforce and our locations, our social and societal impacts are major. 

Our responsibility is to create a positive impact wherever we can. Convinced that the strength of the collective enables us to achieve great things, we want to engage, support and train our employees in our dynamic of environmental and social responsibility.

Developing talents
and skills

Our conviction

Investing in skills is a strong commitment and a major social role for the Group. Enabling our employees to evolve, grow, develop and improve their performance encourages motivation and loyalty.


Because managing and capitalizing on in-house talent and identifying potential is of paramount importance, we place great emphasis on in-house training, through our corporate university.

Onet University

Training is the ideal vehicle for strengthening the team, uniting people and giving them meaning. The strength and richness of our collective lies in the diversity of our professions.


The principle behind Onet University is first and foremost to offer training resources designed to make life easier for learners, and to facilitate the transfer of knowledge. It has a truly strategic dimension, as it embodies a strong corporate vision. The raison d'être of our University is primarily to develop the skills of all our employees, from agents to managers, whatever their profession, to help our managers grow and develop their leadership, to digitalize training, to contribute to the employer brand and to offer an opening onto the company's external environment.



With the aim of developing employees' experience throughout their careers, Onet has created the "Onet Club" in Brazil, in partnership with universities and foundations in Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. In addition to internal training and qualification programs, our Brazilian subsidiary offers a catalog of diploma and qualification courses at reduced prices, accessible to our employees and their families.


By offering discounts on enrolment and tuition fees for everything from elementary school to university degrees and masters degrees in business, strategy and entrepreneurship, Onet Centro and Onet SM21 help to broaden knowledge and promote training.

In 2020, distance learning has become a reality for most Brazilians. Aware of this issue, Onet has decided to offer its employees over 200 types of free online training, as well as language courses.

Faced with rising inflation and concern for the health of Brazilians at this time of pandemic, the Onet Club will be expanding its partnerships in 2021, particularly in the field of health services.

ONET CLUB in Brazil means

Registered educational establishments

What our employees have to say

Promoting social integration

Since 2016, we have implemented a disability policy and, since 2019, we have undertaken a coordination of our policies towards the various diversity audiences. In this way, we aim to develop a culture conducive to the employment and professional development of people with disabilities. We are committed to including people with disabilities in all the Group's professions and hierarchical functions.


To change employees' perception of disability and encourage RQTH recognition, we need to explain and promote disability. We have set up a network of voluntary referral agents to support and encourage this approach. Acting as a relay for our disability policy, the inclusion referent assists employees in their efforts to obtain disability recognition, and helps managers with any workstation adjustments they may need to make.


Protecting health and safety

Health and safety prevention is a constant priority in all our activities. We are committed to guaranteeing the physical and psychological integrity of our employees. To meet this commitment, we have been implementing the "Piloter Onet en Prévention" policy for several years now, with the aim of establishing a genuine health and safety culture throughout the Group.

Vigilance on the road and road risk prevention

Since 2016, we have been partners and signatories of the "Committed Employer" charter with road safety. The 7 golden rules listed in this charter are regularly reminded through fun and educational materials, and in particular during Road Safety Week. This program, which is supplemented by personalized support for our branches with the highest number of claims, has been set up thanks to a partnership with Codes Rousseau and ECF. More than 2 years ago, we joined the college of professionals and companies of the new Conseil National de la Sécurité Routière (CNSR), which works to formulate concrete proposals to the Government to reverse the curve of road mortality.

For example, in 2022, Onet worked on Recommendation No. 3 "Strategy for mobilizing professional branches on road risk".

Prevention of musculoskeletal disorders (MSD)

In the cleaning sector, occupational statistics continue to confirm that MSDs account for the vast majority (97%) of recognized occupational illnesses.

Recognizing these challenges and working in partnership with various stakeholders (FEP/CARSAT/ARACT), Onet has been implementing an MSD prevention program for several years, supported by its network of 67 certified MSD prevention coordinators (APTMS), 16 of whom will be trained by 2022.

Psychosocial risks and quality of life at work

In 2009, we set up a toll-free hotline with a psychology firm, to help prevent RPS.

Alongside this support from a healthcare professional, since 2020 we have implemented a specific training plan on RPS.

Improving conditions and quality of life at work

At Onet, quality of life in the workplace means giving each and every one of our employees the opportunity to carry out their mission under the best possible conditions.

Two types of action have been taken for many years. We are committed to preventing psychosocial risks. In 2008, we set up a hotline (toll-free number) linked to psychologists. Its aim is to provide help and support to our employees at key moments in their lives.

A more in-depth approach to Quality of Life at Work (QWL)

A more in-depth Quality of Working Life (QWL) approach was launched at Group level at the end of 2016. It is intended to be a lever for improving working conditions, fostering employee commitment and enhancing the company's performance.

Among the actions contributing to the quality of life of agents, daytime and/or continuous working has long been a subject in which Onet has invested as a responsible employer. This "win-win-win" approach represents a real step forward for employees, beneficiaries and employers alike.

Numerous benefits have been observed: better quality of cleaning thanks to service agents who are recognized as being more motivated, involved and assiduous, optimization of tasks according to the actual use of the premises, responsiveness, increased security and confidentiality, energy savings.

Onet supports GRAAC & Doutores de Alegria

Since 2019, Onet has officially supported two of the most serious and important non-profit institutions operating in Brazil: Doutores da Alegria and GRAACC.


Doutores de Alegria

  • Onet supports GRAAC in its fight against childhood cancer. Founded in 1991, GRAACC was born of the desire to offer dignified, humane and appropriate medical treatment to children and adolescents suffering from cancer.


    In its almost 30-year history, the hospital has doubled in size and become a benchmark for the treatment and cure of childhood cancers, particularly complex cases such as tumors of the central nervous system, bones and eyes. To this end, it boasts multidisciplinary medical teams, a radiotherapy and chemotherapy center, surgical centers, one of which specializes in neurosurgery, and a complete examination, diagnostic imaging and intensive care unit.


    To maintain its activities, the institution relies on the important pillar of volunteering, as well as financial support from companies such as Onet.

  • Onet is a partner of the non-profit organization "Doutores da Alegria". It works with children, teenagers and other vulnerable and socially at-risk groups in municipal, state and federal hospitals in Brazil.


    Founded in 1991, the organization introduced the art of clowning to the world of healthcare in Brazil, under the impetus of actor, clown and social entrepreneur Wellington Nogueira.


     Thanks to its important work in the fields of health, culture and social assistance, the organization has won international recognition and awards. Its main initiative, the "Hospital Clown Program", has already carried out over 1.7 million interventions with hospitalized children, their carers and healthcare professionals.


    The entity is sustained by the support of sponsoring companies, such as Onet, in addition to relying on donations and carrying out its own activities to increase collections. This support is essential to finance its free weekly actions in eight hospitals in São Paulo and four in Recife.