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Commitments Onet

A company's performance has become inseparable from the attention it pays to the environment in which it operates. For many years, our Group has been particularly attentive to ensuring that its activities have a positive impact on the world around it. 

Becoming an impact company

The environment and people are key concerns for the company in all our businesses.

We are convinced that our value lies not only in our economic and financial performance, but also in our impact and the way we do business.

Our company, through the essential role of the services it offers, is already making a positive contribution to the evolution of society.

Tomorrow, we want Onet to become a company with impact.

Building a more sustainable future together

Emilie de Lombarès

As early as 2002, Onet embarked on an approach that, at the time, was not yet known as Corporate Social Responsibility. The company owes this early awareness of social, environmental and regional issues largely to my mother, Elisabeth Coquet-Reinier, to whom I would like to pay tribute. She has played a major role in our company. On her initiative, Onet developed the first program to reduce its impact on the environment: "A present for the future". She then pugnaciously supported the development of the Onet University, which offers our employees training to enhance their skills. Very concerned by the poor housing conditions that affect many people, including among our employees, she created the Onet Foundation, of which she was president.


We will, of course, continue to bring this vision to life by setting ourselves ever more ambitious environmental, social and local objectives. In 2023, on the occasion of the new strategic roadmap cycle, Onet will accelerate its energy transition. Last year, our efforts enabled us to switch part of our fleet to electric and hybrid vehicles, as well as to bioethanol in Brazil. We are now launching a sobriety plan targeting our buildings and digital uses. We're not going it alone on these issues. Onet is a member of the Convention des Entreprises pour le Climat, a movement aimed at aligning business operations with an economy that enables ecosystems to regenerate. To anticipate the challenges of shrinking resources, Onet is also a partner of the Shift Project, a think tank working to free the economy from carbon constraints. We play a decisive role in our own impact, while at the same time working to improve our customers' impact through direct intervention at the heart of their processes.


We are also stepping up our actions in favor of inclusion. In addition to our recruitment, awareness-raising and job retention initiatives through our network of inclusion advisors, we are building partnerships to strengthen our regional initiatives and are introducing new inclusion indicators. Onet has also just signed the latest version of the Diversity Charter, renewing its commitment to combating all forms of discrimination in the workplace. And to enable as many employees as possible to develop their skills, we continue to multiply our programs and create new ones within the Onet University. All sales staff are offered a qualifying course, including a CSR module.


On the social front, we can report encouraging results in terms of health and safety prevention. Although our accident rate has fallen sharply over the past five years, Onet now intends to become a leader in this area. For this reason, we will be stepping up the training of our managers in the culture of prevention. Our aim is to further mobilize and influence all our stakeholders on health and safety issues in the workplace.


These actions and commitments demonstrate our support for the ten principles of the United Nations Global Compact and our contribution to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Each and every one of us must play a part, at our own level. And ask ourselves, on a daily basis, how we can contribute to building better environments for all.

Emilie de Lombarès

Chairman of the Board, Onet SA

Our commitments
to meet the challenges 

Social issues

We are committed to preserving our teams and developing their potential to improve our social impact and collective performance.



1- Protecting the health and safety of our employees and customers


2- Promoting diversity and developing inclusion to combine innovation and performance


3- Developing employability and expertise for all by broadening Onet University's offering


4- Develop the employee experience throughout his or her career

Environmental issues

We are committed to preserving the environment and helping to protect the planet.



5- Produce goods and services as part of a circular economy that respects biodiversity

6- Develop activities that contribute to low-carbon energy use

Societal issues

We are committed to helping create ever healthier, safer and more reliable environments.


7- Providing essential services, essential to a better life for all

8- Anchoring ourselves in local communities by developing sustainable partnerships


9- Sharing our CSR commitments and extending Onet's positive impact to our external stakeholders (customers, suppliers, partners...)

A committed group

the planet

Responsible Development



We actively support the ten principles of the Global Compact

For 20 years, we have actively supported the principles of the Global Compact as defined by the United Nations in terms of human rights, international labor standards, the environment and the fight against corruption.
This long-standing support enables Onet to make a concrete contribution to the international action plan for peace, humanity, the planet and prosperity embodied in the 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

As promoted by the seventeenth and final Sustainable Development Goal (SDG), Onet has for many years forged effective partnerships to implement its CSR policy, contributing to the other Sustainable Development Goals at global, national and local levels.

These partnerships are built on shared values and principles, and place people and the planet at the heart of their concerns. They can be formalized by the signing of charters, making it possible to communicate more widely with civil society on the commitments made.

Responsible Development

Contributing to human development in a safe and healthy local environment

Created in 2010, the Onet Foundation was born of the desire of the Group's management to promote the company's values of solidarity and sharing, and to unite employees around a common cause. Its role? To support action in favor of solidarity and the fight against poor housing in France, by taking part in concrete actions and raising awareness.


Onet joins sailor Fabrice Amedeo in protecting the environment

The Onet Group deploys its energies and resources on a daily basis to help create ever healthier, safer and more reliable environments. Our commitment to the navigator

Fabrice Amedeo is clearly in line with this approach, and demonstrates our desire to minimize man's impact on the environment.

We find in Fabrice Amedeo's sailing and commitment the same values that have animated our family group since its creation.

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