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Olympique de Marseille

The long-standing partnership between the Olympique de Marseille and Onet is a pillar of the Group's commitment to the development of sport and the influence of the Marseille region.

At the heart of this alliance lie deep-rooted values of diversity and inclusion, in perfect harmony with the fundamental principles of the French family-owned group. These values are embodied in a series of concrete initiatives implemented as part of the partnership between Olympique de Marseille and Onet, marking a lasting relationship in support of women's soccer.


Onet is clearly identified on the Olympiennes shorts for the 2022/2023, 2023/2024 and 2024/2025 seasons, reinforcing its visibility and commitment to the club and its women's professional team.

Anefficient and committed

French Division 2 Champion
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Vice-Champion of France Division 2
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Our partnership Onet

To unite employees around the partnership, Onet offered a unique experience to its employees and their children by inviting them to accompany and support the Olympians. This presence on the pitch created unforgettable moments and an exceptional closeness between the children of Onet employees and the players.


This initiative is part of Onet's commitment to recognizing the performance and involvement of OM's female players throughout the season. Onet celebrates the players' talent and passion for women's soccer, and encourages continued support for women's sport.

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