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Our sector-based experts develop customized offers for professional cleaning, disinfection and related services tailored to the needs, processes and requirements of our customers, whatever their sector of activity.

From the design of our services in the design office, through to their marketing and implementation, our cleaning staff are experts in all aspects of cleaning, in line with our customers' hygiene requirements.

Trained staff
+ 10000
million m² cleaned every day
managers from the field
10000 %

Our approach

Cleaning professions

Onet has always regarded continuing training as a strategic investment.

The Group strives to develop the skills of all its employees, from agents to managers, whatever their profession, in particular through the digitalization of training, with 2 key areas of focus:

  • Develop the employability of our staff: acquisition of operational standards via Onet Learn, reinforcement of professional skills, CQP, deployment of literacy training...
  • Deploy programs dedicated to our local supervisors: "new manager" program, Onet managerial imprint, diploma and certification courses, creation of a sales channel.

These courses enable our employees to progress steadily throughout their careers, moving up to management positions in operations or branches.


Joining Onet means getting managerial opportunities and responsibilities quickly.


Our strong territorial coverage enables us to offer job opportunities throughout France.

Featured offers

HR Assistant - Part-time F/H

Essential professions
to the health, well-being and performance of our customers

The cleaning professions encompass a range of activities designed to maintain the cleanliness and hygiene of public and private spaces.
These professions are essential to people's health and well-being, and to preserving the environment.
Cleaning jobs are varied and require technical skills, rigor, attention to detail and a great ability to adapt.
They are open to all levels of qualification, from novice cleaners to experienced cleaning managers.
Job and career prospects are good, because the cleaning industry is a constantly evolving sector, concerned with the environment and users' quality of life.

Some examples
of cleaning jobs

Cleaning and hygiene agent

The cleaning and hygiene agent is responsible for cleaning and maintaining premises (offices, shops, hotels, healthcare establishments, etc.). They use specific products and equipment to eliminate dirt, dust and germs.

He or she is responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of surfaces (carpets, rugs, marble floors, etc.) using specific machines.

They also collect and sort household and industrial waste. They must be familiar with the health and safety rules governing waste handling, and ensure compliance with environmental standards.

Cleaning team, site or sector manager

The cleaning team leader is responsible for supervising a cleaning team, organizing schedules, monitoring work quality and ensuring compliance with health and safety regulations.

Cleaning Operations Manager

The cleaning manager is a professional with a more global vision of the job. They are responsible for defining cleaning strategies, implementing quality control processes and ensuring compliance with environmental and health standards.

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