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Opening up to new worlds
by creating my own path

Every day, our employees put their energy and expertise to work in businesses that are vital to the functioning of our societies and to a better quality of life for all.


They are involved in the key ecosystems of our societies: workspaces, production, energy, transport, healthcare, leisure, education...


Thanks to its presence in a wide range of fields, the Group is well aware that skills development goes hand-in-hand, but that only personal motivation, a sense of service and the strength of a team can make a real difference.


Through training, listening and experience, Onet is committed to opening up the field of possibilities to all those who dare to put their trust in us.

Our business sectors


Cleaning & related services

Nuclear engineering & services




Human and electronic safety


Airport services


Logistics and Transport


Multi-skilled Nuclear Logistics Agent F/H

Why join us?

I work in a group

The advantages of optimized internal mobility are real and prove beneficial for both me and the company.


It makes me more open-minded, adaptable and, of course, helps me acquire new skills. 

Continuous training

Developing my skills is a key part of Onet's strategy and is based on :

  • developing my expertise and that of my colleagues in each of the Group's businesses,
  • support in my career path,
  • my contribution to operational and commercial excellence, 
  • extending our collective capacity to adapt to tomorrow's challenges.

I feel confident

Because it's the men and women of Onet who make it worthwhile, the Group focuses on my personality and potential by fostering self-esteem, informed decision-making and autonomy.


An inclusive company that believes in me and gives me every opportunity to progress helps me to project myself.

Listening... according to Patricia

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I'm in charge of canine security at Onet Security and I carry out surveillance and guarding missions in pairs with my dog.

I'm in charge of monitoring performance while supervising training sessions for the teams, on a regular basis, to maintain their operational level.

My job allows me to pursue my passion, working with dogs. It's a real challenge every day. It's essential to constantly challenge yourself, in particular by adapting training techniques to suit the dog.

Yannick Jacope - Onet Security

Safety Dog Manager