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Our commitments
for the planet

The effects of climate change are already apparent in the degradation of natural habitats and our living conditions.

To meet these important challenges, we need to act collectively.

Since 2003, through our CSR policy "A Present for the Future", we have been working to reduce our ecological footprint, and we are continuing our efforts. 

Our environmental commitment: from vision to concrete action

The Group has made two commitments in particular:

  • Produce goods and services as part of a circular economy that respects biodiversity
  • Developing activities that contribute to the use of low-carbon energy

To go even further, in 2019 Onet will be working alongside yachtsman Fabrice Amedeo to preserve biodiversity, the oceans and the planet.

Use eco-responsible methods and products in each of its businesses

We are convinced that companies must act to reduce their impact on mankind and the environment.

Today, we are working on various projects based on the circular economy and the preservation of the health of our stakeholders.

In all our businesses, we are committed to responsible recycling, packaging reduction and reuse. In this way, we help to reduce the amount of waste entering the environment, particularly the oceans.

In 2017, we deployed an eco-friendly cleaning solution with a circular economy approach. It combines ultra-concentrated, allergen-free ecolabel products, a mobile dilution solution and the reuse of empty containers.

It helps to place our company at the heart of a circular economy process that is profoundly transforming our service offering. It also puts people at the heart of the solution, protecting the health of our employees and the occupants of our customers' premises, while reducing or eliminating our environmental impact at source (plastic waste, CO2 emissions, effluents, etc.).

Biogistic has enabled us to reduce our plastic waste by 30%, saving over 2 million bottles from landfill over the next 5 years!

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Plastics saved per year
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Use of ecolabelled or biotech products by 2022

Committed to better waste and effluent management

If left unchecked, waste can have a negative impact on our health and the environment. Aware of these challenges, our Group is committed to managing its own waste and that of its customers.

In November 2017, Onet signed a partnership with eco-organization ECOSYSTEM covering the collection of waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) from its professional equipment such as sweepers, self-washers and steam cleaners.

This partnership contributes to the development of mass collection, a vector of environmental, economic and social performance.


Every day, by individually reducing our waste, giving new life to our objects and recycling them, we fight against waste and collectively preserve our natural resources and the environment.

Whether in terms of production, sorting or reuse, there are multiple solutions. Since 2015, we have notably embarked on a circular economy dynamic so as to reduce our environmental footprint through various solutions or approaches.

We are committed to responsible recycling.

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WEEE collected in 2017

Reducing our energy consumption

Across all its business lines, Onet plays a role in preserving resources by rationalizing transport and associated emissions as much as possible.

At the heart of the energy transition is the evolution of our fleet towards solutions that pollute less than diesel. Our fleet comprises 3,880 vehicles, 75% of which are commercial vehicles and 25% company vehicles. This transition is in line with the LOM and Climat laws, which make it compulsory for fleets to become greener, and for polluting vehicles to be banned in EPZs.


2021 was a pilot year for the deployment of electric vehicles. An incentive scheme for the deployment of electric vehicles has been put in place for company vehicles, with the deployment of charging stations at employees' homes, for which we finance part of the installation.


15 pilot branches have been equipped with charging stations, with the installation of 60 electric recharging points.


14.8% of our vehicles will be replaced by electric and hybrid vehicles by 2022

Employees trained in eco-driving since 2009
- 0 %
Fuel consumption between 2016 and 2018
0 %
of our vehicles will be replaced by electric and hybrid vehicles by 2022