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Reception profiles are the first image visitors will see of the company. They must therefore meet high standards, which have evolved considerably in recent years. Reception services are provided by agents, managed by site or operations managers, and obtained by sector sales representatives.


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Corporate and event hospitality professions

Hospitality is not just about image. By creating synergies between people and smoothing the daily routine at work or at events, it is also a source of efficiency, performance and well-being for external visitors and employees.

  • Hospitality should be a pleasant experience, but above all a useful one.
  • The reception area must facilitate relations and create effective connections between the various players.
  • Reception provides operational support for the company's support functions and helps to improve site operations.

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Bilingual receptionist English - French F/H

A key role in visitor satisfaction

Hospitality is a very important job in many sectors, whether at events, or in companies, administrations, leisure centers, health establishments, shopping malls, airports, train stations, museums and art galleries, and many others.

Hospitality professionals play a key role in ensuring the satisfaction of customers, visitors and patients, providing them with a positive and memorable experience from their first encounter with the facility or event organizer.

Hospitality professions are highly varied, but what they all have in common is the ability to communicate effectively with customers and offer them a personalized experience.

The skills required to work in the hospitality industry include :

  • excellent communication,
  • a strong ability to work as part of a team,
  • problem-solving skills and a positive attitude towards customers.

Hospitality professionals must also have in-depth knowledge of the products and services offered by the establishment, as well as safety policies and procedures.

Hospitality jobs are essential in many sectors and offer interesting and varied career opportunities.

Hospitality professionals are often the first impression customers have of the establishment, so it's essential that they offer a warm, efficient and personalized welcome to ensure customer satisfaction and long-term loyalty.

Some examples
of hospitality professions

Company receptionist

Receptionists are responsible for managing the reception area and greeting visitors.

They must be able to provide accurate and useful information about the company and the services offered, answer telephone calls and manage e-mails. They are also responsible for managing appointments and reservations, as well as coordinating meetings and events.


Reception andassistance agentfor people with reduced mobility

These professionals often work in railway stations, airports and transit terminals to help travelers with special needs, such as wheelchair users or the elderly.

The role of the reception and assistance agent for people with reduced mobility is to welcome passengers, help them get on and off vehicles, escort them to their destination and provide information on timetables, routes and available services. They must also ensure that facilities are accessible and comply with accessibility standards.

Event host and hostess

These professionals work at events such as trade shows, conferences, galas, product launches and other corporate events.

The role of the event host or hostess is to welcome guests, provide them with information about the event, direct them to their destination and answer any questions they may have. They may also be responsible for distributing documents, checking invitations and managing attendance lists.

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